Younger: The 10 Best Friendship Moments

The focus of popular show Younger is definitely on Liza Miller pretending to be a twentysomething and the fallout that she experiences. The series also shares Liza’s romantic life, especially her love triangle with Josh and Charles, and her days at Empirical and the imprint Millennial.

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Some storylines are less than perfect, but before the show says goodbye in the season 7 finale, it’s fun to look back on the many moments that the main characters have shared with each other. Ultimately, the show is a love letter to the friendship and business partnership of Liza and Kelsey, and the other characters have some satisfying scenes, too.

10 Lauren And Kelsey Were Confused About Josh And Liza Splitting Up

Viewers enjoyed every moment in Liza and Josh’s relationship. They definitely had their ups and downs, and in the season 1 finale, they had broken up.

Lauren and Kelsey proved that they were phenomenal friends to Liza. They wanted to know why the split happened and tried their best to discover the true reason. Of course, Liza had come clean to Josh about her age, and she didn’t want her new pals to find that out. But it was sweet that Liza’s friends were there for her.

9 Lauren Helped Diana Find A Wedding Dress

Diana and Lauren go wedding dress shopping on Younger

Lauren is a bold character who can be too aggressive, but she’s also a loyal friend who would never let anyone have a hard time if she could help it.

The season 6 episode “It’s All About the Money, Honey” featured a great moment between Lauren and Diana, who have a lot in common, as they’re both strong, independent, and passionate. It was a treat seeing these two characters interact and it foreshadowed how closely connected they are. In season 7, Diana went on a long honeymoon as she had many vacation days saved up, and Lauren filled in for her at work.

8 Josh And Maggie Learned That Montana Was Stealing Art

Montana on Younger

It’s always fun to see various characters becoming friends, and that happens on Younger, as Josh always stayed close with Maggie even when he had broken up with Liza.

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When Josh began dating Montana, he thought that she was perfect — an adorable barista who was also an artist. It turned out that she stole art from other people, pretending that it was hers, and drawing the Montana state outline on each piece of art. Since Montana had one of Maggie’s paintings, Josh stood up for her and told her the truth, and Maggie got revenge.

7 Maggie Agreed To Have Liza Live In Her Apartment

While some people would question Liza’s decision to pretend to be in her twenties, Maggie was totally on board and helped her the whole time.

Maggie even agreed to have Liza live in her apartment, which was a huge deal since she had been single for a long time and seemed really independent. This was a significant friendship moment on Younger since it meant that Liza and Maggie could see each other all the time and stay close, despite the many changes going on in Liza’s new life.

6 Lauren Pretended To Be Dating Maggie

Lauren and Maggie had a brief relationship and fans loved seeing them together. They stayed pals after they broke up, and in season 7, Maggie was in a tough spot when her new boss invited her to have dinner at her house.

Maggie could have shown up alone, but the problem? She had slept with her boss’s wife. Lauren agreed to attend the dinner and pretend that they were a couple so she could help Maggie out.

5 Kelsey, Lauren, And Liza Planned Diana’s Bachelorette Party

Diana started off as a fairly mean character who was only intimidating to Liza. She warmed up and married Enzo, and it’s moving to watch her grow as a person.

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In the season 5 episode “Holding Out For A SHero,” Kelsey, Lauren, Maggie, and Liza celebrated Diana’s engagement with a fun bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun to see them partying with Diana, who had seemed so buttoned-up and cold before. This was also a touching episode as Liza’s best friend Maggie was involved, too, bringing Liza’s worlds together.

4 Kelsey Forgave Liza After Learning Her Secret

Liza improved as a character once she was able to tell people about her real age and start living her truth. It was hard for her to let people know what was going on as she knew it would cause hurt feelings.

In the season 4 episode “Forged in Fire,” Kelsey was still upset that Liza had lied about her age, but then she found out that Liza’s daughter Caitlin was in the hospital. This was a sweet friendship moment between Liza and Kelsey, as Kelsey realized that Liza was a wonderful parent and had legitimate reasons for pretending to be in her twenties. From there, they moved on and became even better pals.

3 Liza Quit Her Job After Thad Died

In the season 2 finale “No Weddings & a Funeral,” Liza quit her job and began working at a mall in New Jersey. She felt terrible about Thad’s tragic and wild death and what she knew about him.

Liza was going to tell Thad that she knew that he was having an affair and that she wanted to tell Kelsey all about it. When Liza came clean to Kelsey, Kelsey was mad and said that Thad would be alive if she hadn’t gotten involved. Liza wanted to do the right thing and be a good friend to Kelsey, so she left NYC publishing behind. This was a great and sad friendship moment on Younger, as Liza proved she could be selfless.

2 Liza And Kelsey Started An Underground Literary Club

Liza and Kelsey sitting together outside holding beers and laughing on Younger

Kelsey made many mistakes on the show, such as thinking that she should quit her job. Fans are glad that she came back to Empirical as she and Liza are an incredible team.

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In the season 7 episode “The F Word,” Liza and Kelsey knew that they needed a way to discover new talent and get excited about their careers again. They decided to host an underground literary club called “Inkcubator” at Josh’s tattoo parlor, Inkburg. This is one of the best friendship moments that these two characters share, as they reminded themselves that they were in this together. No matter what happened at Empirical, they had each other’s backs.

1 Liza And Kelsey Started Millennial Together

In season 2 of Younger, Liza and Kelsey were given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to run an imprint together. They called it Millennial and wanted it to be a venue for young writers to share their literary talents, thoughts, and beliefs.

In the episode “Like a Boss,” Kelsey was nervous that the response wasn’t that great, and Liza was there for her. The fact that she could be a source of support even when dealing with her big secret proves that Liza was always a good friend to Kelsey. Fans love seeing them in business together and they were at their peak when running Millennial.

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