10 Times Hermione Granger Was Lucky To Survive

When Hermione Granger became friends with Harry Potter shortly after her narrow brush with death during The Sorcerer’s Stone, the clever Gryffindor student likely had no idea what she’d signed up for.

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While being friends with the Boy Who Lived had its benefits, it also meant she had a target on her back. Especially when Lord Voldemort returns to full strength, determined to wipe all muggles off the face of the earth. Just like Harry and Ron, Emma Watson’s character is in constant danger, with the witch even lucky to escape with her life at times.

10 Fluffy The Dog

Fluffy 3 headded dog

During the first book and movie, Hermione finds herself facing punishment at the hands of Argus Filch. In order to get away from the Hogwarts caretaker, Harry and Ron join her on the third-floor corridor and they hide in a room they think is empty. That is, until they look up and see Fluffy the Three-Headed dog looking right at them.

Had they hesitated, they’d have likely become the monster’s dinner. Fortunately, they’re able to flee the scene just in time, slamming the door shut behind them. Only, later on, do they learn the way to make Fluffy docile is put to him to sleep, with Rubeus Hagrid letting this slip.

9 Being Petrified

In The Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts finds itself under attack from an unknown entity. Mrs Norris, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley and even Nearly Headless Nick are petrified, causing panic to spread throughout the castle. And, much to Harry and Ron’s horror, Hermione experiences the same fate.

Had she looked Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk directly in the eye, she’d have died. But, due to the fact she instead gazed at the beast through a mirror, this is enough to save her life. A lucky escape, especially given how the Basilisk murdered Moaning Myrtle 50 years previously.

8 The Werewolf

Remus Lupin is a brilliant Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher during the events of The Prisoner of Azkaban, helping both Harry and other students conquer the subject through an imaginative and hands-on approach. However, in a terrible twist, it’s revealed he’s a werewolf – and that, when transformed, he poses a real threat.

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Lupin transforms on the night Peter Pettigrew escapes, inadvertently helping the Death Eater to get away. A combination of Sirius Black, Severus Snape and Buckbeak then save Harry, Ron and Hermione – preventing the trio from being gobbled up. He later apologizes for his actions and quits his post, much to the dismay of pretty much every Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw student.

7 Slashed Across The Chest

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Hermione, Neville, Harry, Luna, and Ron with search for the prophecy

In The Order of the Phoenix, Hermione is part of the members of Dumbledore’s Army that choose to accompany Harry to the Ministry of Magic. The Boy Who Lived does this because he thinks Sirius Black’s in danger but this ends up being a ruse to get him there, with Harry’s godfather heartbreakingly dying when he turns up to save the day.

Things could have been worse, however. Hermione is hit in the chest with a dark spell cast by Antonin Dolohov, which knocks her out cold. Had he uttered the incarnation for the spell out loud, the situation would have been far worse. Yet, because he’d been injured, he wasn’t able to do it justice.

6 Nearly Tortured To Death

Hermione Granger in the tent with Harry Potter in The Deathly Hallows

The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is one of the darkest movies in the series. And it also contains one of the murkiest moments, too. Hermione, Harry and Ron are all captured by Death Eaters and brought to Malfoy. A bloodthirsty and paranoid Bellatrix Lestrange then greets them and proceeds to torture Hermione.

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In the movie, she has the word ‘mudblood’ etched into her arm. Bellatrix intends to keep torturing Emma Watson’s character until she loses her mind or checks out, only for Dobby to save the day. And the House Elf also saves her life for a second time in mere minutes…

5 Nearly Stabbed

Dobbys Death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

When Dobby arrives at the scene of his own employers to save Harry and his friends, the house-elf can’t resist a little passing comment. However, it ends up costing him his life when Bellatrix Lestrange throws a knife in his direction as he whisks the likes of Ron and Hermione to safety, as well as Harry and Luna Lovegood.

Had Dobby not been in the way, the knife could have struck any of one of the quartet – including Hermione. The little guy dies like a noble hero and his passing ultimately spurs Harry on, giving him greater motive to go after Voldemort and end his rule of tyranny once and for all.

4 The Gringotts Dragon

During the early stages of The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Hermione transforms into Bellatrix Lestrange in order to get into the Death Eater’s vault. Along with Harry and Ron, she then travels to the wizarding bank to get the deed done. But, rather typically, things don’t go as expected.

The trio end up escaping on the back of a dragon, which could easily have killed them. After all, it has no problem unleashing fire on Bogrod during the movie and also attempts to burn the magical authorities that arrive on the scene. It only lets Harry, Ron and Hermione ride on its back because it seems to be unaware of their presence, which is why they drop into the water afterwards. Best not to attract any unnecessary attention…

3 Destroying The Cup

Ron holds Hermione's hand in the Chamber of Secrets

When the three heroes get to Hogwarts shortly before the big battle, they’re determined to destroy Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes – which is easier said than done given they require either goblin weaponry, Fiendfyre or a Basilisk fang. Fortunately, Ron and Hermione are able to obtain the latter in the Chamber of Secrets itself.

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Voldemort’s cursed objects don’t go down easily, however, and put up huge fight. Water threatens to drown the pair but they’re able to get away just in time before kissing afterwards – in one of the most memorable scenes from the whole movie. It’s where they finally become a couple after years of flirting (and arguing, too).

2 Duelling Bellatrix Lestrange

Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) Casts Spell Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter

In the Deathly Hallows book, Hermione is engaged in a three-way duel with Bellatrix. She, along with fellow students Luna and Ginny Weasley, are giving their all against the horrible Death Eater. But Molly Weasley then jumps in, ordering the young girls to stand down before then killing Bellatrix, famously calling her a ‘b****’ in the aftermath.

Had Molly not intervened, it’s feasible Hermione could have perished. She was pitting her wits against a more experienced witch, one who wouldn’t hesitate to kill her in a heartbeat having already eliminated Sirius years previously. Molly is more than a match for her opponent, getting revenge for the death of Fred Weasley during the fight.

1 Nearly Eaten By Nagini

When Harry comes back from the dead in the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, leaving Lord Voldemort reeling, all hell breaks loose. And, amid the chaos, Ron and Hermione are nearly eaten by Nagini – with their attempts to repel the Dark Lord’s pet snake all failing miserably.

Luckily, Neville Longbottom is on hand to save the day – beheading Nagini and pushing the good guys one step closer to victory in the process. This death ultimately paves the way for Harry to finally triumph over Voldemort, bringing the story to a sweet and satisfying conclusion.

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