Among Us Reveals New Rose Color, More Coming In June

Among Us developer InnerSloth has teased a new crewmate color, the light pink “rose” shade, which will be coming in the game’s next big update.

An fancy new color is coming, along with other additions, in the next big Among Us update. The online social deduction game was released back in 2018, but the game found a renewed popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic last year. The indie title was created by InnerSloth, and the developer continues to support the game in the form of updates and expansions.

While InnerSloth has expressed a commitment to supporting Among Us since the game’s spike in popularity, the developer has not yet released a roadmap for 2021. The team consists of only five people, making them much smaller than the creators of a traditionally successful release, and they have expressed a refusal to announced release dates for new updates unless they are sure they can meet those deadlines. There has also been a ton of future content promised for the game’s future, such as new character colors and a new meeting screen, so InnerSloth is likely reluctant to make any definite announcements. It has been confirmed that 15-player lobbies will be added to the game in the future, but once again a release date has not been specified. The game currently only supports up to ten players, so this larger lobby system will be quite the change.

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The official Among Us Twitter account has revealed a new player color, a light pink called “rose,” which will be added in Among Us‘s next big update. The announcement comes complete with an adorable gif of a rose-colored crewmate running in place against a starry backdrop. InnerSloth also announces that more information about the game’s next major update will be revealed on June 10 at Summer Game Fest 2021.

While Innersloth continues to support Among Us with new content, such as the upcoming rose crewmate color, the game’s community also supports the game with user-made mods. These mods typically serve to turn the game’s aggressive Imposters, which usually take the form of crewmates to close in for the kill, into even more dangerous or absurd beings. Some of the best Among Us mods include Town of Us, which adds a plethora of new roles to make the game more complex, as well as the CrewLink mod which adds proximity chat to the online title.

Despite being a smaller independent studio, InnerSloth has done a respectable job of releasing new content since Among Us‘ sudden surge in popularity. Additions such as new maps and a new artstlye have been released in recent months, and the newly-revealed rose color seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for the game’s next big content update.

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Among Us is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Source: Among Us/Twitter

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