Back 4 Blood’s Special Zombies & Survivor Classes Explained In Trailer

Back 4 Blood’s latest trailer details the unique traits and quirks of each playable survivor as well as revealing a few of the game’s special Ridden.

The latest video update for upcoming co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood showcases both the game’s gun-toting survivors and the horrific undead monsters taking them on. The next project from Left 4 Dead and Evolve developers Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood is a return to the developer’s original success story, only upgraded for current-gen. Switching publishers to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the team hopes to succeed with a spiritual successor of the Valve-published games and continue the trend of original characters and chaotic combat scenarios.

Currently set for release this coming October, Back 4 Blood was originally scheduled to premiere this June. One of many games to see a delay because of the global COVID pandemic, Back 4 Blood‘s pushback may also have to do with the reaction to the game’s closed beta back in December. Negative player feedback centered on some of the technical aspects of the gameplay and the card-based perk system, and this could have led to changes that will be tested by the general public in this summer’s open beta.

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Back 4 Blood‘s newest trailer details the roster of playable characters and some of the special Ridden wandering the game’s post-apocalyptic cityscape. Unlike Left 4 Dead, there are more than four characters, meaning that there’s more variety when players go through maps for the second or third time. Each character also has specialized abilities, meaning that team composition is much more important than in Turtle Rock’s past work. The lineup includes a former doctor with boosted healing efficiency, a punk rocker that can sense hazards in the environment, and a doomsday prepper who gathers additional ammo with each kill.

As for the Ridden minibosses, most serve a similar function to the special infected of Left 4 Dead. The Breaker is equivalent to The Tank, a hulking brute that can leap towards players and smash them with massive fists. Ogres are even larger than Breakers, war beasts that throw “meatballs” like a Tank throws boulders. Snitchers are male Witches that can call in hordes of regular Ridden and overwhelm a whole team. Finally, the trailer showcases The Hag, a hunched over humanoid slug designed to devour humans in one gulp. The beta test has already shown other forms of Ridden, so expect even more analogs to old favorites in the full game.

Back 4 Blood is definitely an expansion of everything that fans loved about Left 4 Dead. The original came from an era where Valve was defining what a service game looked like with all its products, which means that Turtle Rock’s formula is perfectly suited for the current age of continual updates and expansions. Adding in more playable characters, new types of Ridden, and optional paid cosmetics via seasonal updates could keep the game going for years to come, but that all depends on if Back 4 Blood can live up to the FPS excellence seen in the developer’s past two efforts.

Players who want to sample Back 4 Blood‘s expansive roster of playable survivors for themselves should look out for updates on the scheduled open beta this summer, likely tied around the Warner Bros. E3 showcase. While the multiplayer realm is highly competitive in 2021, no game has really captured the same excitement as Left 4 Dead in the years since the series went dormant, so Turtle Rock has a real shot at recapturing the glory days while also presenting fans with a new take on the zombie apocalypse.

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Back 4 Blood is scheduled to launch on October 12 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Back 4 Blood/Youtube

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