Call of Duty Season 3 Update Reverts The Delay On Slide Canceling

A long-running trick used by advanced Call of Duty players is back after briefly disappearing from Cold War this April, for reasons unknown.

Slide canceling, a multiplayer tactic favored by the most serious Call of Duty players, has reportedly been restored in the latest update to Black Ops Cold War. The maneuver was disabled at the beginning of Season 3, which launched in April 22.

Similar to bunnyhopping in Counter-Strike, slide canceling lets Call of Duty players move faster than usual by chaining together sprints. Gamers start with an initial sprint, hit slide, then cancel, only to repeat the process over and over. Mastering the skill can take time but makes it easier to avoid gunfire or close distance, especially among players who aren’t familiar with the exploit. It’s not believed to have been a deliberate addition to the series.

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Following Cold War‘s Season 3 Reloaded update, slide canceling is once again instant, according to gamers cited by Charlie Intel. At the beginning of Season 3, movement was changed to force players to finish their slide animations, much like a Dark Souls game. Why isn’t clear – presumably it was to make things fairer to new or casual fans, who would expect realistic running and might not have the time to learn advanced tricks. Backlash to the nerf appears to have come from the most dedicated players, including people in the pro community, though it’s worth noting that the tactic has been public since 2018’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Balancing any multiplayer shooter is a challenge for developers, since it can be tough to predict how players will use weapons, vehicles, or abilities in real situations. Even then, changing something can upset people regardless of what the change even is. When Call of Duty: Warzone saw its original layout of Verdansk replaced with a 1984 redux, for example, some players complained that the changes were mostly cosmetic. Cold War and other FPS titles are regularly accused of going too far or not going far enough in nerfing weapons.

Realism, of course, hasn’t been a focus of the Call of Duty games for many years. One of the most popular modes in the series has been its Zombies spinoff, and between May 19 and June 18, Cold War players will be able to get Operator Bundles for John Rambo and Die Hard‘s John McClane. In fact Warzone will briefly see the addition of movie-themed locations, such as Nakatomi Plaza. Some weapons already added in Season 3 include a baseball bat and the AMP63 pistol – the latter is based on the PM-63, which in truth is a Polish submachine gun.

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Sources: Charlie Intel, @SenoSlays/Twitter

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