Cisco’s Greatest Fear Already Happened In Season 3

The “greatest fear” that Cisco told Kamilla about in The Flash is especially poignant, considering that it already happened in a season 3 episode.

The greatest fear that Cisco (Carlos Valdez) described in The Flash season 7 is especially poignant, considering that a version of it occurred in a possible future shown in season 3. A few episodes back, Psych (Ennis Esmer) used his powers to give Team Flash visions of the things they feared the most. The Flash season 7, episode 10, “Family Matters, Part 1”, revealed what it was that Cisco saw.

Cisco told Kamilla (Victoria Park) that he imagined himself still working at S.T.A.R. Labs 40 years into the future. According to Cisco, the problem with this is that he was the only one still there. All of his colleagues had already moved on to new phases of their lives, and as a result, Cisco was all alone. Partly because of this vision, Cisco is uncertain about what he wants do with his life now, and he’s afraid of what the future will hold for him if he stays at S.T.A.R. Labs.

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Unfortunately, the sad future that Cisco fears will come to pass isn’t all that unrealistic. That’s because something quite similar to it already happened in the season 3 episode, “The Once and Future Flash”. After taking a trip to 2024 to learn about Savitar, Barry (Grant Gustin) met an older Cisco, who had lost both his hands to Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). In this timeline, Team Flash had fallen apart, but Cisco saw in the 2017 Barry a chance to get the team back together again. Driven by his loneliness, he secretly used some of his tech to stop him from leaving.

Cisco being unwilling to let go of his days with Team Flash are right in line with his present-day counterpart’s worries in season 7. It shows that his greatest fear really is capable of becoming a reality, and that makes the idea even more sad for the character. Though Cisco may not know from Barry what became of him in that timeline, he does know that he has outlasted most Team Flash members. Many have come and gone, and Cisco is one of the few on the team who hasn’t wandered far from Central City for any length of time. Now, he’s concerned that he’ll be there long after everyone else that’s still with the group.

The reveal that Carlos Valdez is exiting The Flash after season 7 makes it clear that this won’t be happening to Cisco. But, it could factor into the reason for his character’s departure. He has already talked about leaving Central City, which means that the show is already beginning to set up his exit. It could be that in order to avoid the fate Psych showed him, Cisco will end up finding a new place for himself in the world, one that will see him move on from the superhero life for good.

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