Claims Melissa Gorga Is Selling Fake Chanel Explained

Jennifer Aydin stirred up drama with a messy Instagram post. The post reminded Bravo fans that Melissa Gorga has been accused of selling faux Chanel.

Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is once again addressing allegations that she is selling fake Chanel at her shop. On Wednesday, before the reunion, Jennifer Aydin stirred things up with a social media post. The post showed an old news clip about the claims. Even though she took it down, the damage was done. 

Jennifer and Melissa are currently in a heated feud and Melissa slammed Jennifer on IG. On Wednesday, May 19, ahead of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Melissa lashed out on her @melissagorga Instagram. She revealed how she really felt about the past season, specifically aiming her anger at Jennifer. Her post accused one cast member of being willing “to throw her own mother under the bus for tv.” The person she was talking about was not featured in a group shot that Melissa had previously added to IG. Of course, the woman missing was Jennifer. 

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In retaliation, Jennifer dragged her co-star’s business into the fight. She reminded fans that Melissa had once been accused of selling counterfeit Chanel products. The fake designer claims didn’t really phase fans (Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa Giudice is often spotted with dupes). It was Jennifer’s callous attitude that got people riled up. Melissa, whose independent ways have bothered her husband Joe, must have been very unhappy about Jennifer’s payback.

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In 2018, fans complained that their requests for refunds had gone unanswered after they discovered that there was no authentic Chanel in the Montclair, New Jersey boutique. The mother of three had admitted on her Instagram that her shop had been selling bootleg merchandise. In the post, she explained that a representative from Chanel had been in contact to inform her that she was not selling reputable items made by the famous fashion house. She wrote, “Chanel has informed Envy by Melissa Gorga that all of the Chanel branded goods previously offered and sold by our company were counterfeit and illegal.” 

At the time, Melissa, who was seriously considering divorce from Joe in March, swore that she had stopped all sales of the Chanel products in her store, but she had also disabled the comments on her post, leaving buyers in a bind. Shoppers had to take to commenting on other posts when it came to asking how they would get their money back. Most fans had forgotten about the issue, but thanks to Jennifer, fans are now rethinking their future trips to Envy. While it may have been a low-blow social media post, it sure got everyone talking about the Garden State franchise. Unfortunately, The Real Housewives of New Jersey drama didn’t stop there, as the two women went at it during part one of the reunion special. This left the women divided.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesday at 10 pm EST on Bravo

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