Dwayne Johnson Teases His Black Adam Movie Costume In New Image

Dwayne Johnson teases fans with a small sneak peek at his Black Adam costume in a new picture, which he wears under his “black cloak of secrecy.”

Dwayne Johnson offers a tantalizing tease of his Black Adam costume with a new picture on social media. Johnson has been gearing up to play the DC villain-turned-anti-hero Black Adam for years now, having first been cast in the role in 2014. There were initial rumblings of having him debut in Shazam, but that never came to pass. Instead, Black Adam will mark Johnson’s first time appearing in the franchise. The film, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, is currently scheduled for release in July 2022 after enduring various delays over the years.

At long last, Black Adam kicked off production in April. Johnson will be joined by Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell, Sarah Shahi, Marwen Kenzari, and Pierce Brosnan for the film. Little is known about Black Adam‘s plot, though a concept trailer released last year teased the character’s origin story. The only thing more eagerly anticipated than further plot details is perhaps Johnson’s complete Black Adam look, which has yet to debut. Johnson has provided plenty of peeks at his training progress, but there haven’t been any costume reveals.

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Fans got their closest peek yet at Johnson’s costume on Thursday, courtesy of the actor’s latest social media post. Johnson shared a behind the scenes look at one of his meetings for the energy drink ZOA. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything Black Adam related in the images. However, as Johnson explained at the end of his caption, he’s actually wearing his costume underneath “my black cloak of secrecy.” One can zoom in on the second shot and catch just a sliver of his gold Black Adam suit. Check it out below.

Superhero costume reveals are often a big moment, and it’ll likely be a little bit longer before Johnson’s full suit officially debuts. Still, this little peek is a nice reminder that Black Adam is in fact making progress. Also, fans can discern a few notable details from the shot. For one thing, even though Johnson is wearing a cape over the costume, it doesn’t look bulky. This supports recent comments from his strength coach Dave Rienzi, who said his Black Adam costume won’t require padding. What fans see through the suit will be exactly what Johnson is giving.

Despite becoming a major action star over the years, Johnson has yet to play a superhero. That just makes his upcoming debut in Black Adam even more exciting, and his costume reveal will surely be greeted with a great deal of excitement. Johnson has built up a reputation for teasing bits of Black Adam on social media, so it can be assumed that when it comes time for the costume to arrive, he’ll be the first to inform fans. Stay tuned for future updates.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

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