Final Fantasy 7 Map Locations The Sequel Won’t Include

FF7 Remake 2 promises to explore more of Final Fantasy 7’s larger world, but there are still some locations that are unlikely to appear.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gave the city of Midgar new life, fleshing out the iconic location more than ever before. While the entirety of the first game stays within the city, its ending promises FF7 Remake 2 will venture outside the walls and into the larger world.

There are countless locations the next game could visit. Players could travel to the arcade paradise of the Golden Saucer or see the site of Shinra’s spacer program at Rocket Town. However, while Square Enix hasn’t said exactly what will be in FF7 Remake 2, it will likely continue to stray from the events of the original FF7. As such, it seems a handful of locations won’t make the transition.

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One of FF7 Remake 2‘s missing locations is already all but confirmed, based on information revealed about the FF7 Remake Episode INTERmission DLC. Others are simply highly unlikely, given the current trajectory of the Remake series’ story.

Unlikely FF7 Remake 2 Locations – Fort Condor

Final Fantasy 7 FF7R Episode INTERmission Fort Condor

Episode INTERmission introduces FF7‘s Fort Condor as a tabletop game the people of Midgar play. The strategic minigame will have players placing units and using them to defend their base, all while trying to take down enemies. In the original Final Fantasy 7, Fort Condor is an optional location that sports a similar strategy minigame – one set in the actual game world itself. Given players will already be able to experience Fort Condor via the board game, it’s unlikely it will remain a “real” location in FF7 Remake‘s world.

Unlikely FF7 Remake 2 Locations – Mideel

Final Fantasy 7 Mideel Map Location

Mideel is a hot springs town that appears late into Final Fantasy 7, after Cloud and Tifa have fallen in the Lifestream. Cloud washes up in Mideel in a vegetative state due to Mako Poisoning, and the clinic there attempts to rehabilitate him. FF7 Remake 2 has a ton of ground to cover, especially with the Shinra-Wutai war seeming to be a larger focus. There’s little chance Mideel will appear in Part 2, as the party still needs to recruit Yuffie, Vincent, Cait Sith, and Cid. In fact, with Remake‘s many divergences from the original timeline, Cloud and Tifa falling into the Lifestream may not even be a part of its narrative at all.

Unlikely FF7 Remake 2 Locations – Northern Cave

Northern Cave is a vitally important location in Final Fantasy 7, being the final dungeon of the game. It’s where Cloud and the party have their fateful showdown with Sephiroth, but it’s also visited early on in the original. Despite this, it may not make it into the Remake series until near the end, past the events of FF7 Remake 2; since Remake‘s Sephiroth seems to know about the events of the original game, he would likely want to avoid the place of his demise, though his ultimate plan is still unknown.

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Unlikely FF7 Remake 2 Locations – Sunken Gelnika

Final Fantasy 7 Gelnika Map Location

A Shinra transport found at the bottom of the ocean, the Sunken Gelnika is home to some of FF7‘s strongest enemies and is where players can find Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, but it’s a completely optional area. While Remake‘s Cloud and party could eventually travel to the ocean floor, it’s hard to see that happening in Part 2, with so much of the world still left to explore. Major locations like Junon and Cosmo Canyon will undoubtedly appear eventually, but optional locations likely won’t make the cut – at least in Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s direct sequel.

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