Has Walmart Stopped Selling Pokémon Cards

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has become a problem for retail stores, and some locations have chosen not to stock the cards for the near future.

The sudden demand and low supply for the Pokémon Trading Card Game have created a scramble for card packs at major retail stores. Thanks to a surge in popularity over the past year, fans of the Pokémon TCG may have noticed the increasing difficulty in finding packs of the newest Sword and Shield TCG expansions, or any other Pokémon card sets previously available. However, the intensity of the demand has caused some major retail stores like Walmart to remove the game from shelves temporarily.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game released in 1996, alongside the popular Pokémon video games. The TCG allowed fans of the Pokémon series to collect physical cards of their favorite Pocket Monsters, and battle with a strategy-based deck against friends. The popularity of the game has continued for decades, with original cards from the first Pokémon TCG decks and boosters boxes selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years.

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Unfortunately, the worth of these cards has caught the attention of scalpers, who have started purchasing large quantities of Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise to sell at an increased price on secondhand websites like eBay. The demand has lead to item limits at major retail stores and more recently, according to Bleeding Cool, certain locations for the Target and Walmart stores have posted signs stating they will not be carrying the Pokémon TCG products until further notice due to dangerous situations at the stores involving the cards.

Walmart Will Continue To Sell Pokémon Cards At Certain Locations

Why Pokemon Cards Are Worth Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

According to IGN, Walmart has not issued a mandatory halt on sales of Pokémon Trading Card Game products at all of its locations, but some stores may choose not to stock the cards temporarily. While this means fans of the Pokémon TCG can still drop by their local Walmart to check for booster packs, the high demand for the card packs could continue to keep shelves empty for the foreseeable future. It also appears that many Target locations will choose to keep the Pokémon TCG and other trading card game products off their shelves for the time being due to safety concerns for the staff and other customers.

To help discourage scalpers, Pokémon TCG fans should refrain from purchasing products on secondhand retail websites. These products are often substantially overpriced, and may not come from reputable sellers. While it can be frustrating to wait for restocks, players can call their local game stores to attempt to put Pokémon Trading Card Game packs and boxes on hold when they come in, or call ahead to local retailers to check for items before going in person.

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Source: IGNBleeding Cool

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