How to Get More Decrypted Data in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

To find extra decrypted data to focus engrims and upgrade the splicer gauntlet, players can take a couple different approaches within Destiny 2.

Within the all-new season of Destiny 2, players can collect decrypted data to focus their Engrims and upgrade the new splicer gauntlet. Due to this resource being somewhat limited, it can be frustrating to find. Especially if a player doesn’t have a clue as to where to look.

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Luckily, there are a couple of guaranteed ways for players to earn more decrypted data. While most other classic ways to play the game will only grant the player this resource once in a while. We’ll cover the three fastest ways known to grant the data.

The Quickest Ways to Get Extra Decrypted Data in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

While farming this stuff can be hidden, there are more clear paths to it. The first way is to complete specific weekly challenges. These can be found within the menu, under season. Hover over the different challenges to see what each one rewards for its completion. Not all of these challenges will reward players with decrypted data, but those that do won’t tell exactly how much. These are the higher earners of the bunch. Usually earning players 150 points of decrypted data.

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While the highest earning, it is also the most obvious to long-term players of the game. For those who have already figured out that they can farm the resource here, there are other options. Players willing to pay for the premium season pass can earn even more for specific ranks they have unlocked within the season. The ones that earn players decrypted data are rank two, 12, and 32. They will specifically be labeled as Decrypted Data Troves.

However, as this is only an option for actively paying players, there is still another way to farm this resource. Unluckily, this is the least likely activity to earn players decrypted data, but it does happen every once in a while. Players will need to participate in the Override. Which is the new match mode between six different players. To complete the Override successfully, players will need to enter in with a code they have created with their splicer gauntlet, finish the event, and then access the conflux chest at the end of the session. This is the chest with the holographic texture popping out of it. These chests are what sometimes grant players a small portion of decrypted data. Depending on the playstyle, there should be one option available for everyone to earn some extra decrypted data.

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Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC.

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