New TimeSplitters Game In Development By Original Creators

Free Radical Design is back in business under the purview of Deep Silver, and it’s working on a new entry in the cult classic Timesplitters series.

After years of speculation and false starts, the TimeSplitters franchise will see an official revival by a reformed Free Radical Design. The news came through publisher Deep Silver following their parent company Koch Media’s purchase of the TimeSplitters IP three years ago. Rumors about a TimeSplitters sequel have been tossed around for decades

Rumors about a TimeSplitters sequel have been tossed around for decades. Before the team folded, the original Free Radical teased a sequel featuring game parodies by showcasing the game’s trademark monkey in Halo Master Chief’s armor. There was talk that the studio would also continue work on the series under Crytek before it was instead put on a Homefront sequel. That compounded with the rumors that formed when Koch Media purchased the IP and even slipped a reference to a TimeSplitters remake into a game from its sister studio. It’s not out of line to say that the waves of excitement erupting from that recent tease may have partially steered the company towards a full-scale resurgence of the series and the reformation of the original development team.

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Publisher Deep Silver shared that the long wait for more TimeSplitters was over via Twitter late Wednesday night. The publisher specifically mentioned fan demand as one of the reasons for the revival and detailed the return of Free Radical Design. In a press release, Deep Silver Director Paul Nicholls commented on the continued passion of the TimeSplitters fanbase, stating:

“It’s this unique style that earned the TimeSplitters series a large and passionate following who will, without doubt, be excited by the formation of Deep Silver’s latest studio and will look forward to learning more as the franchise moves forward.”

Free Radical Development Director Steve Ellis went on to confirm that the game is just starting development, meaning that fans likely won’t hear more about it for several years. Still, it’s a hopeful moment not only for TimeSplitters fans but also anyone hoping for a new entry in the many other franchises now under the purview of THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, and the other Embracer Group entities.

It’s a day of celebration for everyone who spent hours upon hours creating maps in TimeSplittersFuture Perfect and playing Capture The Bag. While there will surely be a long wait for Free Radical’s full-scale sequel, it’s possible that Deep Silver could have plans to rerelease the three original games in the meantime.

Considering that this news comes mere weeks before E3, an announcement like this followed by a trailer for a remake collection weeks later could be an amazing one-two punch that will tide fans over while the FPS finishes development. Until then, though, it’s unclear exactly what this TimeSplitters revival will resemble whenever it finally releases.

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Source: Deep Silver

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