Red Vs. Blue: 10 Funniest Running Gags, Ranked

First hitting screens in April 2003, Red Vs. Blue was Rooster Teeth’s launch into Machinima videos using the Halo series of games. The series would become so popular that it now consists of 18 seasons plus several spin-offs and extra bits of content.  

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Because of its nature as a comedy series, the jokes are plentiful throughout the series from Caboose’s stupidity to Donut’s pink armor. With the lengthy stay in the public consciousness, the Rooster Teeth crew made the series full of one-off jokes and running gags. These running gags consist of just a basic line being repeated to the same situations arising every few seasons. 

10 Not A Fair Countdown

red vs blue simmons lopez donut

Throughout the series, the characters will regularly count down their escape, with the twist being that one or more team members will begin their escape before the countdown ends. This has led to several funny moments. 

The first time this is done is by Grif when Caboose driving Sheila aims her cannon at them. As Simmons counts down, Grif runs away immediately toward the rocks that cover Blood Gulch. Simmons does the same move to Grif soon after. Members of both sides have subsequently done this to each other. 

9 Bow Chika Bow Wow

red vs blue caboose church tucker

The first time this Tucker catchphrase is used, it isn’t completed. While invading Church’s story about the Alien in the basement. Tex cuts him off with her gun, causing him to say “Bow Chika Bow Woah.”

The full saying of “Bow Chika Bow Wow” was used continuously as the series progressed, always coming after something Tucker took something as sexual. Notably, others used variations to fit in with Tucker, including Caboose’s version, “Hey-Chicka-Bum-Bum.” While the saying was the bane of Church, it was funny enough for fans of the series. 

8 That Doesn’t Seem Possible

red vs blue tex vs jimmy

In a series filled with AI, aliens, ghosts that aren’t really ghosts, and time travel, there is a ton of skepticism for what can be possible in the series. The first time the phrase, “That doesn’t seem physically possible,” is in response to a story by Church about Tex beating a man named Jimmy to death with his own skull. 

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The phrase comes back several times in the series, including the competition between Donut, the mysterious skull, and the wrench for Red Team second in command. The fans also clung to the saying, referencing Jimmy in fan art. 

7 “Son Of A-”

red vs blue tucker simmons church grif doc

Often preceding another entry on this list, the characters are technically at war for most of the series, so there tends to be battles. These battles will often include a bunch of gunfire and the occasional tank or grenade. The latter options end up bringing a widely used catchphrase from the teams. 

First uttered as a full sentence when Shelia is first firing on the Reds, then more famously by Church when he is killed by Caboose and Shelia. It is said by nearly every core cast and referenced in the spin-off series as well. 

6 How Many Pedals?

red vs blue caboose tucker warthog grif sarge simmons

The question of why there are insert number of pedals is one that is asked frequently through the series. The first time is by Caboose when he asks “Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?” while learning how to drive Shelia. 

The question would come back several times including by Grif, Jensen, and Tucker a few times. The phrase is switched up across the series, such as when Grif asks why there are only 4 pedals but six directions when driving the Elephant. 

5 Do You Wanna Talk About It?

Red vs Blue Sarge Caboose Do_you_wanna_talk_about_it

Another speech gag, the question of “do you wanna talk about it,” is found multiple times throughout the series, though more often around Simmons than any other character. It is one of the first lines in the series, said after Grif’s philosophical breakdown of their place in the universe. 

The phrase is used more often after a very specific example of something that could be bad, including a story Sarge tells about an uncle, a throwaway while Simmons is infiltrating the Blues, and when Simmons talks about eating his dog to survive winter in an arctic base. 

4 Tucker’s Sniper Rifle

red vs blue tucker Church sniper rifle

In the actual Halo games, the sniper rifle is a rare weapon, and Red Vs Blue keeps that in their canon as well. Though Tucker was promised a sniper rifle from Captain Flowers, the Captain died before fulfilling the promise. This led to Tucker begging for it every chance he got. 

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When Tucker does eventually get his hands on the sniper rifle, he ends up shooting and Captain Flowers in the head. While the joke disappeared for long stretches, it was thrown back enough for fans to love it. 

3 Fans Of H Sounds

red vs blue Church taking over Sarge h words

The series has a fascination with words that begin with h, namely the possession sound of “Higakergerk!” and the death sound of  “HURK, bleaugh.” The first sound is heard whenever Church or Tex take over a body to pilot. Victims of the “higakergerk” sound include Sarge, Lopez, and a command solder in season 13. 

Church is the first to utter the death sound of “hurk, bleaugh,” but the sound would be used repeatedly throughout the series. It made the deaths more funny than sad in most cases. 

2 Caboose Kills

red vs blue caboose friendly fire

With the highest team killing count, Caboose is known for his accidental team kills that mostly involve Church. Caboose has blown Church up multiple times, shot him in the head while in Sarge’s body, and turned on a bomb inside of him.

Church isn’t the only victim of Caboose’s as he has dropped a freight container on Tucker and crippled South. The gag continues as Command is shown to have a keyboard shortcut for noting Caboose’s team kills in the form of “Ctrl+F+U.”

1 Why Are We Here?

red vs blue grif simmons

One of the most quoted and referenced parts of the entire series, the question of “why are we here?” has spanned the entire series. Introduced as the first line of the series, and the name of the first episode, the characters tend to mistake the question in practical use for that of philosophical use. 

The line became so popular that it extended outside of Red Vs Blue, appearing as a trophy in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and in another of Rooster Teeth’s shows, Gen:LOCK.  

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