Robins Take On Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad in DC Fan Vote Final Round

Robin and Harley Quinn – some of Gotham’s most popular residents – are going head to head in DC’s Round Robin fan vote tournament.

The DC Round Robin finalist results have been revealed. After three rounds of voting, the final bracket for the fan tournament has been announced. Fans have spoken and Robins will be facing off against Suicide Squad Seven

DC’s fan tournament to vote for a miniseries comic began March 31, 2021. Fourteen titles have since been eliminated over the course of almost two months, with one winner still left to be crowned. The winning pitch in this competition will be turned into a six-issue miniseries that will release in Fall 2021. The third round of voting — which was spread across DC Community, Twitter, and Instagram — ended on May 12. Now DC might be changing things up.

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DC unveiled via Twitter and DC Community that Robins and Suicide Squad Seven will compete for the coveted priority publishing spot. Many fans are not surprised to see Robins has made it to the final round as it has been a frontrunner in the race since the first round. Suicide Squad Seven on the other hand seems to be a bit more of a surprise. Different titles have taken the lead on different social media platforms where voting was open, but DC now seems to be changing that. According to their Twitter page and official DC Community page for the Round Robin, voting for the final round will be centralized into one place — DC Community. Voting is set to open on May 25.

Robins will bring together all of Batman’s former — and current — wards for a special intervention. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne will all be evaluating what being Batman’s sidekick has meant for them and if it was a good thing or not. While this concept is interesting, it is rather surprising that it hasn’t been done already. Robin has always been a popular character and the Bat Family is one of DC’s biggest draws. That being said, it would be a long time coming. To reach this point in the competition, Robins beat out Justice League QueerLobo/Animal Man: Scorched Earth, and most recently, Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire, which was set to star Kyle Rayner and Kilowog. Some fans are not happy with this turnout since the Bat Family routinely has books involving them — some of which are being actively published, while Green Lantern and other characters usually have only one at a time, at most.

Suicide Squad Seven features Harley Quinn at the helm of a brand new Suicide Squad team. This team operates a little differently. Instead of having bombs attached to their necks like usual, there are bombs attached to orphans. The single-page sneak peek previously revealed from DC revealed that some of the heroes on the team are usually portrayed as heroes, which completely changes up the standard operating methods of the team. Suicide Squad Seven reached this point by directly eliminating Swamp Thing: A House of Secrets, Superman & Lois: Ignition, and in the previous round, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. Now the fan-favorite villain from Gotham will directly face Gotham’s number one group of sidekicks. Voting for the last round will open on May 25 and end on June 1. DC’s Round Robin is nearing its end as Robin and Harley Quinn come head to head.

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