Spider-Man: 10 Plot Holes In Sam Raimi’s Trilogy

While comic book movies are seen as box office gold today, at one point they were seen as poison. The failures of such films as Steel, The Phantom, and of course, the infamous Batman & Robin left a bad taste in the mouths of critics and fans alike. In the early 2000s, however, these superhero flicks began to slowly gain an audience thanks to successes like Blade and X-Men.

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In 2002, the modern comic book movie finally took shape and paved the way for the box office juggernauts of today. A live-action Spider-Man had been in the works since the 90s, but it was Sam Raimi’s vision that finally made it to the big screen. The film and its two sequels have become beloved by fans of sorts, although as well-received as the movies were, there are more than a few overlooked holes in the narrative of the three films.

10 Bernard Not Telling Harry The Truth

After the events of the first Spider-Man, Harry blames Spidey for his father’s death and vows revenge. This comes to a head in Spider-Man 3 when he follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes New Goblin. After a brutal confrontation with his former friend, Peter asks for Harry’s help in saving their mutual friend Mary Jane, which Harry refuses.

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Harry’s butler, Bernard, then decided to let Harry know the truth about what happened to his father. It makes little sense as to why the butler didn’t tell Harry this sooner, as he verbally expressed his disappointment in seeing Harry’s obsession consume him. This scene was altered in the producer’s cut, but fans still had to deal with the plot hole for 10 years until the alternate cut was released.

9 Uncle Ben Didn’t Take Peter To School

When fans first see Peter in Spider-Man, he is chasing after a school bus. Apparently, the driver did this on purpose and is a regular occurrence as this happens once more later in the film. Uncle Ben reveals he lost his job sometime prior to the film, so this begs the question as to why he doesn’t spare Peter the embarrassment of missing the bus and just take him to school. Ben has no problem driving Peter to the library, so he clearly doesn’t mind giving Peter a lift. Perhaps Ben doesn’t know of Peter’s troubles, but he seems to be able to read Peter so he may have been able to deduce something was wrong each morning.

8 Peter Didn’t Stand Up For Himself

Peter is able to take out a seemingly undefeatable wrestler in the first film. When he goes to collect his reward money, the promoter only gives him a small fraction because he “pinned him in two” instead of the advertised three. Peter wouldn’t have actually hurt the man, but he didn’t have his principles quite yet, and he could have easily threatened him. Peter just reluctantly walks away and accepts the poor treatment. The promoter even tells Peter he could have easily taken out the robber, so he is aware of what he is capable of. By simply lifting the man out of hir chair, odds are we would have gotten the idea and gave Peter his money.

7 Police Didn’t Reveal Ben’s Killer

One of Spider-Man 3‘s biggest reveals, is the revelation that Flint Marko is the true killer of Uncle Ben. Captain Stacey did not reveal this to Peter and May until after he had escaped prison, with Peter had been living his life thinking he had caught his Uncle’s killer, only to now release he was only an accomplice. It is strange that the police department kept this a secret, as giving the family of a lost loved one closure seems like one of the most important things. Instead, they wait until the killer is once again freed before letting them in on what is apparently a secret.

6 Mary Jane Didn’t Warn Peter

When Harry gains his memory and his hatred for Spider-Man back in Spider-Man 3, he uses Peter’s love for Mary Jane against him. He tells Mary Jane to pretend to break up with Peter, and Harry reveals he is the other guy May Jane is leaving him for.

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Mary Jane could have easily told Peter that Harry had his memory back, giving Peter the upper hand and the opportunity to stop Harry’s plan before it starts. Instead, Mary Jane just goes along with the plan and lets Peter have his heartbroken for seemingly no reason.

5 Eddie Got Away With Faking Pictures

Spider-Man 3 saw the big-screen debut of Eddie Brock aka Venom. Eddie is a photographer for the Daily Bugle, who manages to get a staff job thanks to slandering photos of Spider-Man. Peter is quickly able to realize that Eddie’s photos are just edited versions of Peter’s, and confronts him. It is strange how these pictures went through the editing process and were even published before someone realizes they were fake. Surely someone at the Bugle would have noticed the pictures were edited before Peter did. Spider-Man photos were huge moneymakers for the newspaper, so someone should have been watching the photos like a hawk.

4 Peter Allowed Himself To Be Unmasked

After the thrilling train battle in Spider-Man 2, Spidey finds himself tied up in Harry Osborn’s house. Harry unmasks the hero and discovers the truth. Shortly after being unmasked, Peter breaks free from his bonds with ease. This raises the question as to why Peter didn’t do this before Harry came anywhere near him.

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He was hurt from battle, but the scene showed he clearly had enough strength to break free. This would have saved the pain of his friend discovering his secret, and prevented an enemy in the next film.

3 Doc Ock’s Plan

Before the accident that caused him to become the villainous Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavious wanted to create a sustainable fashion reactor. After the accident, he still wants to create it even though there is no reason. Doc Ock killed a room full of doctors and has proven himself to be a menace, so even if he was successful he wouldn’t have gotten any reward due to his villainous ways. If Spidey hadn’t stopped him and he was successful, the machine would have leveled a large chunk of the city, making him even more hated, It is odd that he would go through all of this effort with seemingly no endgame.

2 Peter Losing His Powers

One of the major plot points in Spider-Man 2, is Peter having to deal with losing his powers. It is mentioned that this is due to stress and heartbreak, but this still doesn’t make a ton of sense. Peter still has the sense to do what is right, so it is curious that he doesn’t fight for his powers knowing that Doctor Octopuss is still on the loose. Peter tells Mary Jane that he doesn’t love her because he is worried for her safety, but even after he loses his powers he wants to keep her safe, so it is pointless for him to lose his powers in the first place. Peter gains his powers back as quickly as he lost them, with as little an explanation.

1 Students Did Not Realize Who Spider-Man Was

When Peter is starting to feel the effects of his spider bite, he puts on quite the show at his school. He accidentally launches a tray at bully Flash Thompson in the first display of his webbing, in front of the entire cafeteria. Everybody in the room sees the tray connected to Peter with a web as he leaves the cafeteria. Afterward, Flash confronts Peter in a fight that the seemingly weak Parker is able to win with ease. The large crowd of students never question how he is able to do this. When Spider-Man does show up, shortly after Peter graduates, one would think that at least one student would put two and two together and realize Peter and Spider-Man can both shoot webs from their wrists, but apparently, they weren’t that observant.

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