Stunning X-Men Art Showcases Hellfire Gala Costumes as Magazine Covers

Marvel’s X-Men are being featured on stunning variant covers that highlight how glamorous they are in their preparations for the Hellfire Gala.

Stunning X-Men art showcases Hellfire Gala costumes as magazine covers courtesy of artist David Nakayama. The upcoming Hellfire Gala is promising to be a huge turning point for the X-Men and every mutant attending is paying close attention to their wardrobe. This will truly be a red carpet event as these new variants successfully convey.

The Hellfire Gala is going to be a twelve-issue event spread across every X-Men title. Numerous outfits have been revealed for iconic and fan-favorite characters, as well as various sneak peeks for what will happen. There is a celebrity guest list and trouble brewing. Before the Hellfire Gala’s drama starts however, there is still plenty of room to drum up some excitement and put the focus on what’s important: how fabulous everyone is going to look at this special gala. What is a party without a sharp suit or a gorgeous dress?

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Artist David Nakayama has shared stunning variant cover art on Twitter that reimagines a few X-Men as fashion models on magazine covers. These characters certainly look the part and with their fashion forward-thinking, they deserve to be on covers like this. The unveiled covers mirror the style that would be found on magazines such as VogueFashionVanity Fair, or Glamour – amongst many others. However, this magazine is different and unique. It is called Hellfire and it is especially for the most fashion-forward mutants. Check out the glamourous covers here:

These are four out of six total covers that will be released. The unveiled ones feature Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Betsy Braddock, and Rogue. These femme fatales have all had their gala outfits revealed, though these variants are exceptional ways to highlight each of them. Emma Frost has several outfits planned for the evening, so seeing which one was picked for this cover is really interesting (she opted for the one-piece coat). Emma is on the front of Marauders #21, Jean is on the front of X-Force #20, Captain Britain is on the front of Excalibur #21, and Rogue is on the front of X-Men #21. There are two more variants that have yet to be revealed.

The covers are fabulous, particularly due to the attention to detail present on each. Every one of them has faux article and feature headlines, just like a normal fashion magazine would – however, these headlines refer directly to plot points and specific aspects of each character. First off, the magazine is called Hellfire, which directly alludes to Emma Frost and her role as leader of the Hellfire Club – as well as the owner of Hellfire Trading Company – at the moment. Emma has been a long-time member and occasionally leads, which she is doing right now. Given the name, this could actually be her magazine and that comes as no surprise given how fashion-forward she is. Jean’s cover doesn’t tease much, focusing mainly on her outfit and her role on the Quiet Council.

Betsy Braddock, now going by Captain Britain, has a feature called “Gone and Back Again: The Strange Journey Back to Myself” which can refer to her returning to her body and life after having been body-swapped with Psylocke for so long. Rogue’s issue includes “Forming a Field Team, Krakoa Life…and Mr. X.” No, this isn’t a Resident Evil reference, though Mr. X hasn’t been seen in a little while beyond in Ravencroft from 2020. With so many changes coming to the X-Men’s world, it is no surprise for random characters to be suddenly reappearing. These magazine cover variants are glamorously stunning and show how fashionably ready the X-Men are for the Hellfire Gala.

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