Suicide Squad 2 Actors Knew Which Characters Died Before Joining

Before signing on to join The Suicide Squad, James Gunn made sure to tell his actors whether or not they would meet their demise in the film.

Before they joined the film, actors on The Suicide Squad were informed as to whether or not their characters would be making it out alive. The highly anticipated James Gunn directed film is part-sequel, part-reboot, taking what made David Ayer’s original 2016 film promising and amplifying it. Many were disappointed that the original Suicide Squad didn’t go far enough and, by all accounts, it seems the 2021 film will be doing a lot of work to make up for it. From The Suicide Squad‘s hard R-rating to the trailers that show off the expansive and truly out-there characters that will be joining the team, nothing is off the table.

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That includes deaths, of which Gunn has said there will be plenty. In fact, the director has said that nearly all the characters in The Suicide Squad die. With the film introducing a slew of newcomers, that’s sure to hurt some fans who are hoping their favorite obscure comics character makes it out alive. It may also have some worried for their longtime favorites, including returning characters Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

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Luckily for the performers, if they were going to die in the film, they at least received a warning beforehand. Gunn took to Twitter to answer questions about his upcoming projects and revealed that anyone who took on a role in the film knew whether or not they were going to die. This includes both new actors who signed onto the film and those who are veterans to the franchise.

Despite the fact that fans called for the sequel to be even crazier than the first, that hasn’t stopped them from sending Gunn death threats over The Suicide Squad. The director revealed that his open willingness to kill off characters has put fans on edge, bringing out the absolute worst from some corners of the DCEU fandom. His latest comments are sure to only inspire more ire from fans.

Gunn certainly hints in the above tweet that some returnees may be biting the dust throughout the film. While it seems unlikely that Harley Quinn will be the one to go, based purely on the fact that she’s arguably one of the most popular DCEU characters, people like Rick Flag, Amanda Waller, and Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang could be on the chopping block and with The Suicide Squad completely finished, there’s no going back now. For better or worse, fans will be getting exactly what they called for after the 2016 film when The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max later this year.

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