The Avengers Will Destroy Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet But Lose Their Powers

The Avengers will get tech upgrades once they are stripped of their powers in the upcoming Bandai collaboration Tech-On Avengers.

Warning! Spoilers for Tech-On Avengers #1 below.

In a world where they’ve been stripped of their powers, the Avengers will turn to Tony Stark to get tech upgrades to save the universe against threats as formidable as Thanos himself. Marvel has teamed up with BANDAI SPIRITS for a brand-new miniseries called Tech-On Avengers, which will see the superteam get all new technological advancements and armors from Iron Man – and the Mad Titan will seemingly lose the Infinity Gauntlet.

BANDAI SPIRITS is a sister company of BANDAI, a famous Japanese toy maker known for its high-end, adult-oriented action figures and plastic models. They have worked with and been key contributors for a number of successful franchises including Ultraman, Power Rangers, and the Gundam series and their model kits. The new collaboration will see the Avengers getting power upgrades in the form of new tech which will feature S.H.Figurarts action figures based on the heroes and villains from the series.

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On Wednesday, Marvel Comics announced the new collaboration with BANDAI SPIRITS, Tech-On Avengers, a new tokusatsu-inspired comic by Jim Zub and Jeff “Chamba” Cruz. Solicits from the series reveal the Avengers will have their powers stripped by the Red Skull. Without their special abilities, Tony Stark will create custom armors and weapons, allowing the heroes to continue on the fight against their most dangerous villains. The Avengers will be called the Iron Avengers as the series promises “mechs and mayhem in the Marvel Might Manner.”

Thanos Avengers Tech

Previews pages for the series show the Avengers fighting against an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos. They don’t appear to be wearing their new iron armor, which suggests this might be one of their last battles before Red Skull strips them of their powers.

The Hulk manages to rip off Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and Scarlet Witch uses magic to send it away from the villain. The gauntlet is seemingly destroyed, as the Avengers appear to be announcing to the world of the end of the weapon.

Thanos Avengers Tech

The miniseries features a cover from manga artist Eiichi Shimizu (Ultraman), who also helped design the new armors for the Avengers. Zub expressed excitement for the series, calling it “bombastic and kinetic, bursting with color and energy. I can’t wait for readers and retailers to get on board this wild ride!” It’s certainly interesting to see Marvel launch another mech series, as the Avengers Mech Strike miniseries, which also features the heroes in giant Gundam-like mechs, is close to wrapping up its own run.

Regardless, Tech-On Avengers looks like a fun collaboration that will lead to a bunch of new action figures. Plus, who knows what will happen with Thanos losing his Infinity Gauntlet – will he get another mech armor? Tech-On Avengers #1 is in stores on August 11, 2021.

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