Titan Comics Introduces The Most Twisted Way To Get Superpowers

In V.E. Schwab’s ExtraOrdinary #0 by Titan Comics, certain people who have a near-death experience somehow come out of it with a superpower.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for V.E. Schwab’s ExtraOrdinary #0!

There is no shortage of gruesome ways that heroes and villains have gained superpowers throughout the history of DC and Marvel, but Titan Comics just revealed a new way that’s pretty darn twisted in V.E. Schwab’s ExtraOrdinary.

In this world from Titan Comics, certain people who have a near-death experience and are lucky enough to survive somehow come out of it with a superpower. Although the method of obtaining powers is the same, the end result is always different. The basis of the superpower that each of these people receives is contingent on what they were thinking right at the moment they almost died. And the main character of this story, Charlotte Tills, is, of course, thinking about something morbid when her school bus gets T-boned by a Mac Truck. She was already thinking about death.

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It’s not something that just happened to be on her mind right before the accident. Charlotte had been obsessing over the phenomenon for quite some time leading up to the crash, usually in regards to all the ways it could happen, until a panic attack inevitably ensued. Regardless, when she wakes up in the hospital, everything seems normal at first in V.E. Schwab’s new tale. But then Charlotte sees an upsetting scene of her doctor hunched over on top of a table in the reflection of his glasses. The image of her father lying on his deathbed is also reflected in a mirror that he’s sitting in front of. And as Charlotte’s mother drinks from a cup, its contents have been replaced with Ma lying unconscious as blood drips from her lips. This understandably causes Charlotte to react in a rather violent display of fear. But her doctor waves off whatever she’s seeing as visual disturbances that are common occurrences for people who experience severe head trauma.

Whether these are nothing more than random anomalies or something much more sinister is put to the test when Charlotte runs out of the room and careens into a police officer who drops his cup of coffee as a result of the abrupt exchange. Like before, the reflections in the spilled coffee contains the image of an unsettling scene. In this case, it’s the very officer she just bumped into lying dead in a parking lot. And just moments later, the same cop is shot in the hospital parking lot. In other words, Charlotte can see how people will die in reflective surfaces. What she sees in her own reflection when she looks into a mirror, however, leaves more questions than answers in this new series from Titan Comics.

This strange power and the manner in which she receives it shares some similarities to DC’s Dr. Manhattan’s experience who essentially became a god upon his death. But, of course, he didn’t gain his abilities because he was thinking about becoming a god. He was disassembled in a scientific accident that removed his intrinsic field, later granting him the ability to manipulate that same field with his mind. Or did he become Dr. Manhattan because he knew what was going to happen to him and therefore was thinking about what the removal of his intrinsic field would do to him, thus granting him the ability? No, of course that’s not the reason. But that’s probably what would’ve happened to Charlotte in V.E. Schwab’s ExtraOrdinary if she had been thinking about intrinsic fields rather than death.

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