What Minecraft May Look Like Ten Years From Now

Minecraft has gone through big changes over the years, and it will probably only continue to evolve. So, what will Minecraft look like in the future?

In the ten years following its first official release, Minecraft has received nearly twenty major updates to the game. These changes have brought new mobs, biomes, and mechanics into Minecraft, creating a constantly changing experience for fans. But how will Minecraft continue to evolve from here, and what will it look like in another ten years?

Minecraft 1.0 was officially released in 2011, and its most recent major update, Caves & Cliffs, is set to be released in two parts throughout 2021. Previous updates to the game have come at about a rate of one to two per year, and each of these expansions serves to bring new features to Minecraft‘s base game. Players can expect to regularly be greeted with new content when they return to Minecraft after a significant break.

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Previous new content includes Minecraft‘s Nether Update, which revamped and expanded the realm of the Nether, and Village and Pillage, which added new mobs into the game and redesigned village generation within Minecraft. Caves & Cliffs is poised to alter the terrain generation of caves and mountains as well as introducing new biomes and materials to the game. The first half will reportedly release in summer 2021, with the latter update following during the holiday season.

How Minecraft Could Change In The Next 10 Years

What Minecraft May Look Like Ten Years From Now

One aspect that probably won’t change any time soon is the visual style of Minecraft. The blocky and simplistic look is a major part of what the game is known for, and this template allows for extensive customization in the form of Minecraft texture mods and shaders. Because of this, players shouldn’t expect a massive update of Minecraft‘s visuals in the future. However, the appearance of certain biomes could be greatly expanded upon or revamped in future updates. Many mods exist to add new biomes into the game or to alter the appearance of already-existing areas, and eventually Minecraft could aim to do something similar in the base game.

The number of mobs in Minecraft will most likely be vastly increased with time, as well. New items and materials are also almost a guarantee. And much like how the End and the Nether function as separate realms within the world of Minecraft, additional large areas could be added to the game. This would give longtime fans new locations to explore and new gameplay mechanics. These additions could also present players with new goals to work toward, and more boss mobs seem likely to be added in future expansions. As it is now, little is concretely known about the far-off future of Minecraft, but it seems likely that fans can expect the game to continue evolving for a long time yet.

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