Where To Find The ITZY Band Members On Instagram

ITZY is one of the most popular K-Pop groups today. Here’s everything to know about accessing ITZY’s Instagram and their influence online.

One of the most prominent talent acts featured in YouTube’s K-Pop Evolution is the girl group ITZY, and their presence on Instagram reflects the South Korean group’s hold on pop culture. With only a couple of years of performing under their belt, ITZY has become one of the fastest-growing K-Pop acts in the genre’s history. For K-Pop fans eager to learn more about the troop of rising superstars, here’s everything to know about ITZY’s social media.

Before ITZY reached its monumental influence in the music industry and online, the group was formed by JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment and music label conglomerate that was founded in 1997 by J. Y. Park. In addition to ITZY, JYP Entertainment has produced the careers of several K-POP groups, including 2PM, Twice, and Boy Story. To create ITZY, JYP Entertainment united five ultra-talented girls to form one super K-Pop group. The five integral members of ITZY are Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. Each of these performers brings their own specialty to the squad of superstars. Yeji is poised as the leader of the group, Lia is the main vocalist, Ryujin is the main rapper, Chaeryeong is the main dancer, and Yuna fulfills the position of Maknaeor the young group member all K-Pop groups have. Additionally, Yuna sings, dances, and raps.

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The best place to find ITZY beyond sold-out arenas and at the top of music charts is their Instagram. Despite being a team of five girls, the group shares one Instagram account. ITZY’s Instagram account can be reached at @itzy.all.in.us. ITZY is relatively new to the K-Pop scene but that has not stopped them from reaching phenomenal levels of success. The girl group released their first single, “Dalla Dalla,” in February 2019.  ITZY’s 2019 debut was the first girl group JYP Entertainment had produced since Twice’s introduction in 2015. With just over two years under their belts, ITZY has an impressive fanbase online. On Instagram, the K-Pop girl group has amassed over 9.6 million followers, making them one of the most popular Korean talent acts of their time.

Although all five members of ITZY only share one Instagram account, each performer is given special attention on the social media page. For every picture of the group together preparing for a performance or an awards show, ITZY’s Instagram dedicates space for each group member to shares pictures of themselves in their day-to-day lives. This way, impassioned K-Pop music fans get a sense of the girl group’s cohesive spirit in and out of their collective ITZY identity. In fact, the majority of the group’s most-liked posts are of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, or Yuna individually. Posts of one K-Pop star independent from the rest of the ITZY girl group regularly earn at least 1 million likes on Instagram.

Overall, ITZY’s global domination has not stopped at Instagram. With over 9 million followers and over 12 million likes, ITZY’s Instagram page effectively conveys the essence of the K-Pop girl group as a team, as well as individual team members. As a two-year-old band with a staggering social media presence that is only growing, ITZY is the definition of a K-Pop Evolution.

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