Why Among Us’ New 15-Player Lobbies Will Need More Imposters

InnerSloth will introduce 15-player lobbies into Among Us in a future update. This extra amount of players means extra Impostors are needed as well.

Since its release in 2018, Among Us has gotten some pretty major updates. Now, thanks in part to renewed interest in the game and its rising popularity, more updates are on the way. InnerSloth, the indie studio behind Among Us, has already announced several upcoming new features. One of these is the option to play in a lobby for up to 15 players. However, this lobby will need to come with a higher number of Impostors as well.

The last major update for Among Us added the Airship, the long-awaited new map that was the game’s largest one to date. After nearly two months, however, some players are growing tired of the game maps and gameplay mechanics once more. This is perhaps why Among Us has once again seen an increase in mods, as fans and streamers look to shake up gameplay until another big update arrives.

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Thankfully, InnerSloth has already announced some big changes coming to Among Us soon. These changes include a revamped art style and 15-play lobbies. The idea of playing rounds of Among Us with up to fifteen people sounds pretty enticing, especially on larger maps like the Airship (which can feel a bit too empty with the game’s current limit of ten players). However, more players in a lobby warrants more Impostors, too.

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Among Us Airship Worth The Wait

Currently, up to three Impostors are allowed into a single lobby in Among Us. Assuming ten players are in the lobby, that means it’s seven crewmates against three Impostors. Once the 15-player lobbies are introduced, that number of crewmates would increase to twelve if no options for extra Impostors are added. And while there’s evidence that Impostors win more than crewmates in Among Us already, this would tip the scales a bit too much in the crewmates’ favor.

Ideally, this means InnerSloth will add options for more Impostors in 15-play lobbies. Allowing up to five Impostors against ten crewmates would be more comparable to the game’s current ratio. It would keep the game feeling balanced, but five Impostors could also really crank up the tension. Of course, for players who prefer fewer Impostors, those options should still exist (like they currently do in 10-player lobbies).

InnerSloth has announced a 2021 roadmap for Among Us, but so far it hasn’t been shared. Because of this, it’s difficult to know exactly when these new features will be added. However, a 15-player lobby definitely needs a greater number of Impostors for players who want them. Hopefully, InnerSloth will add this as an option whenever the Among Us update finally arrives.

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