Will The Chris Hemsworth Sequel Happen?

The sequel was something of a disappointment but is there hope for Chris Hemsworth’s The Huntsman 3? Here’s what we know about the fantasy sequel.

The second film was a disappointment, so is there any hope of Chris Hemsworth returning for The Huntsman 3? The fantasy epic Snow White And The Huntsman was one of several high-profile movies that offered hip new takes on Brothers Grimm fairytales in the hope of launching new franchises. Despite being a solid hit back in 2013, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters hasn’t received a follow-up (yet), though Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent spawned a sequel in 2019.

Snow White And The Huntsman cast Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth as the title characters, with Charlize Theron playing villain Queen Ravenna. The 2012 adventure was a surprise success, despite the overall critical reception being mixed. Work soon began on a follow-up, though instead of being a direct sequel, it became a spinoff focusing on Hemsworth’s Huntsman instead. While Kristen Stewart was offered a cameo in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, she declined to return after disliking the script.

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War also brought back Charlize Theron and added Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt to the impressive ensemble. The movie arrived in 2016 and, like its predecessor, also received lukewarm notices from critics. That said, what are the chances of The Huntsman 3 happening?

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Was A Box-Office Disappointment

The Huntsman: Winter's War featurette and poster

While Universal no doubt hoped The Huntsman: Winter’s War would be the start of a new, Chris Hemsworth fronted series, the movie grossed less than half of the original. With a tally of just over $160 million, it seems unlikely the movie broke even for the studio.

Hemsworth himself would later note that he couldn’t quite figure out what the tone of The Huntsman: Winter’s War was supposed to be during filming. This may account for the sequel’s somewhat confused tone and storyline, and there was a little that the film’s cast could do to paper over the cracks. The sequel also suffered from the loss of Stewart’s Snow White, and ultimately it made little sense to create a sequel that omitted the main character of the original.

The Huntsman 3 (Probably) Isn’t Happening

snow white and the huntsman poster

It’s been five years since the sequel made little impact at the box office, and there’s been no sign of The Huntsman 3 being developed. Neither Kristen Stewart nor Chris Hemsworth seem particularly keen on continuing the franchise, and it likely the studio took the failure of Winter’s War as a sign audiences aren’t eager for more either. Given the success of the original maybe the series could be rebooted or re-worked as TV series someday, but the odds of The Huntsman 3 happening at the stage don’t look great.

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