10 Characters Who Deserve To Be SpongeBob’s Third Neighbor

When taking a gander at SpongeBob SquarePants, it is clear that a huge chunk of the series takes place in SpongeBob’s neighborhood. A common theme from this is the fact that Squidward deals with constant annoyances from SpongeBob and Patrick. However, it is not intentional on their parts, as all they want to do is include Squidward in their fun. Thus, there is a never a dull moment between this trio when it comes to them being neighbors.

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However, it is kind of strange that there are only three houses shown on their street. Bikini Bottom seems to have a lot of residents, and it would actually make sense for them to have a new neighbor join them. There are a lot of prime candidates who could fit in quite nicely on the street, and, though it’s a bit of a longshot, each of these potential characters would provide new elements to the neighborhood’s overall dynamic.

10 Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs listening to music

At this point in time, it is strange to think that Mr. Krabs does not live on the same street as SpongeBob. He often spends time with both SpongeBob and Squidward, as they of course all work at the Krusty Krab.

From a comedic standpoint, it would certainly be amazing to see Mr. Krabs move closer to SpongeBob. It would be a nightmare for Squidward, though, as he would have more of a reason not to escape work.

9 Sandy

Sandy and SpongeBob getting married

For Sandy to move to SpongeBob’s street, she would need to have her tree dome. Thus, the possibility of this actually is occurring is rather slim, as it would take an abundance of effort for it to transpire.

Regardless, though, she certainly warrants more spotlight as a hypothetical neighbor. She is one of SpongeBob’s closest friends while also being present a lot during the series. It also would be nice to see her dynamic with Patrick explored more, too.

8 Plankton

Plankton crying and calling himself a failure

The idea of Plankton living so close to SpongeBob is quite frightening. Plankton causes a lot of turmoil for not only SpongeBob, but for the rest of Bikini Bottom, as well. Thus, with him having more access to SpongeBob, this could create a lot of conflict.

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However, that would in turn add a lot of potential excitement to the series. It would also be intriguing to witness how Plankton would handle being around SpongeBob and Patrick so frequently. Perhaps he would learn to bond with Squidward over their shared annoyance.

7 Larry The Lobster

Larry the Lobster from SpongeBob

At the beginning of the series, it seemed as though that Larry the Lobster was meant to be a main character. However, as the show has gone on, he barely gets any real screen time. He has the occasional episode based around him, but he is not very close to SpongeBob anymore.

It is a shame, honestly, as there are some cool moments between them at the beginning such as when SpongeBob has anchor arms. Larry is a very fun character who ultimately could benefit from moving to SpongeBob’s neighborhood. In fact, it is unknown where he lives, so getting a new home is not too farfetched for the crustacean.

6 Squilliam

Squlliam smirking at Squidward

Squilliam moving to SpongeBob’s neighborhood would be a complete nightmare for Squidward. This is due to the fact that the pair have a heated rivalry, and Squilliam is, of course, dominating it.

However, this would be entertaining for the audience, as it would put this hilarious side character more in the spotlight. The move is certainly unlikely, though, as Squilliam is a man of fine taste and would likely want to move into a very fancy home. SpongeBob’s neighborhood just does not offer that.

5 Fred

Fred hurting his leg in SpongeBob

Fred is a minor character that has grown into elite status. This is because of his legendary line, “my leg!’ In fact, the fans’ love for this line even resulted in Fred having his very own episode revolved around him, which is a first for such a side character.

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With the series being so old, it really would benefit by adding a new main character to the series. Fred could certainly be in line for such a promotion, and having him move to SpongeBob’s neighborhood would be perfect for that. In fact, Fred actually gets along well with both SpongeBob and Patrick, too.

4 Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob SquarePants

Mrs. Puff would be a fine fit in SpongeBob’s neighborhood—at least in theory. Squidward definitely wouldn’t mind her presence, as she is far less annoying than most of the residents of Bikini Bottom. That certainly is a plus for him.

SpongeBob also loves spending time with his boating school teacher, even if it annoys her at times. This fact makes it seem unlikely that she would want to love closer to SpongeBob, but, alas, she deserves to if it means she would have more time on screen.

3 The Flying Dutchman

SpongeBob and the Flying Dutchman shouting

The Flying Dutchman famously spends time with the trio of neighbors when they all are on his boat. He makes them his crew, but it, of course, does not work very well for him, as SpongeBob and Patrick destroy his ship in the process. He’s also moved in with SpongeBob in one episode, though the two didn’t work very well as roomates.

This is a character who also does not get the same amount of usage as in previous seasons. Having him move into SpongeBob’s neighborhood for an extended period of time would be a good way to fix this. He also has shown that he likes SpongeBob at times, too.

2 Bubble Bass

Bubble Bass carrying two lunches

Bubble Bass and SpongeBob have a feud in the series, as Bubble Bass famously lies and says that SpongeBob forgets pickles on his Krabby Patty. However, SpongeBob proves that he is lying, and that marks the end of his character being around.

However, he does get the spotlight again later on in the series, but it now shows that he lives in his mother’s basement. Perhaps Bubble Bass could get his act together and gather the funds to move into SpongeBob’s neighborhood. It certainly would benefit the show from a comedic standpoint, as Bubble Bass is golden in this aspect.

1 Grandma SquarePants

Grandma SquarePants and SpongeBob having cookies

The prospect of Grandma SquarePants moving into SpongeBob’s neighborhood is honestly beautiful. She is the heart of one of the best episodes from the entire series, but she is not used in any big storylines again.

It would be amazing to see SpongeBob spend more time with his grandmother, which would make her living closer to him a perfect opportunity to do this. She could be a positive figure in Patrick and Squidward’s lives, too, as she is quite nurturing and kind.

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