62,010 kg of trash comes back to Mumbai from the sea


Garbage and trash seen at the shores and beaches of Mumbai after Cyclone Tauktae. Photo: Anadolu Agency / Contributor

While Mumbai managed to escape the wrath of cyclone Tauktae, the Arabian Sea offered the city a gift—62,010 kg of trash. Think of it as a back present for what the city has contributed to the sea.

What a mess!

The percentage of trash collected a day after the cyclone was 62,010 kg, a substantial 87% increase from the amount of waste collected a few days prior to the storm, amounting to 33,110 kg. 62,010 kg is a cumulative amount that was seen across seven beaches in Mumbai, namely Juhu, Girgaon, Dadar, Madh, Versova, Gorai and Chimbai. While Girgaon and Dadar saw a substantial increase from 450kg to 2,960kg and from 5,490kg to 28,970kg respectively, other beaches like Juhu seemed to fare better. This is said to be attributed to the wind direction of the storm, which impacted beaches in specific areas across Mumbai.

Trash and sewage came back to the city’s beaches, an annual reminder of the city’s garbage situation. Activists also say that the open drains on the roads of the city allowed the garbage to seep in and enter the sea, thereby leading to more waste being accumulated. 

Other parts of the city dealt with the aftermath of the storm as well. Waves next to the Gateway of India were so strong that they surpassed the iron gates and flung garbage close to the structure, so much so that BMC picked up four trucks worth of garbage lying next to the monument. 

As much as we’d like to believe that this is only a consequence of the storm, this is not the first time Mumbai has witnessed garbage being thrown back by the sea. In 2018, the BMC collected almost 2,15,000kg of garbage from beaches across Mumbai in the monsoon, where the amount from Marine Drive itself amounted to 9,000kg.

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