Batman is Getting His Newest Villains From Spider-Man

In the latest issue of DC’s Batman, the Dark Knight learns more about the Unsanity Collective, which resembles Spider-Man’s Underground.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #108

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman, the Dark Knight’s new foes closely resemble similar Spider-Man villains from the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game. After the devastation of the Joker War in Gotham City, the Unsanity Collective has emerged, offering Gothamites a new way of living that’s evolved beyond what normal society dictates to be “sane.” Using advanced technology and weapons, the Collective looks a lot like the Underground led by the Tinkerer in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, who also wanted to improve their city albeit with aggressive methods.

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In Batman #108 from writer James Tynion IV and artist Jorge Jimenez, Bruce Wayne has gone undercover using his classic Matches Malone disguise, wanting to learn more about this new Unsanity Collective. While they don’t buy his disguise, new character Miracle Molly still agrees to give “Matches” a chance, and Bruce is able to have a real conversation with her about her beliefs in what the organization is doing: giving citizens a chance to start over free of their past trauma while also fighting to take back the city from the rich and corrupt.

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Likewise, Spider-Man’s Underground is very similar, as their goals are to take down the corrupt company Roxxon. Seeking to remove the company from New York by whatever means necessary, the Underground uses high-tech tools and weaponry to accomplish their goals, which are built by their leader Phin Mason, also known as the Tinkerer. Additionally, the Unsanity Collective is based in the abandoned Wayne skyscrapers that were under construction before the Joker War paused the projects indefinitely, similar to the Underground based in Fisk buildings under construction throughout the city. Likewise, Miracle Molly serves as the Unsanity Collective’s resident tech wiz, and she also builds all kinds of gadgets for the group’s use just like Mason.


The biggest thing both groups have in common are their noble intentions despite their problematic and aggressive methods. Both organizations have given up on the systems and powers that be, choosing instead to go rogue and play by their own rules to achieve goals that aren’t inherently bad. Focusing on Molly in particular, Batman can genuinely see that she believes in what her group is doing. The Unsanity Collective is utopian-minded at its core, and it looks as though they genuinely want to offer an escape and way out for as many citizens who are willing to accept. In contrast, while the Tinkerer and Underground also have noble intentions, there is also a distinctive layer of darkness that complicates things, seeing as how Mason wants revenge against Roxxon for causing her brother’s death.

In any case, while the Underground and Unsanity Collective do have a lot in common, it does look as though Batman might be able to come to some sort of a better understanding with Miracle Molly than Spider-Man is able to achieve with Mason. Case in point, Molly reveals to Batman the true terrors of Gotham (Simon Saint and Scarecrow), and it looks as though this could be the beginning of a really interesting partnership for the Dark Knight going forward in future issues of Batman from DC Comics.

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