DFD Russell Medical Centers expands into Bridgton

BRIDGTON — DFD Russell Medical Centers, a federally qualified health center that provides primary care services in rural Central Maine, is expanding into the Bridgton community.

As of June 1, 2021, the primary care practice of Bridgton Primary Care and owned by Central Maine Healthcare, will be transitioning to DFD Russell Medical Centers-Bridgton to bring preventative dental care and behavioral health services to the Bridgton community in addition to strengthening access to high-quality, affordable primary health care.

DFD Russell Medical Centers first approached Central Maine Healthcare-Bridgton Primary Care with the idea of expanding health care access in Bridgton in 2019. Since then, the two organizations have been working together to determine how best to provide the services that are in highest demand in the Bridgton area. The new partnership will add preventative dental care and integrated behavioral health and psychiatric services.

Located at 25 Hospital Drive, Bridgton Primary Care provides family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine care. The primary care and internal medicine services offered by the Bridgton Primary Care group will be offered by DFD. Providers at the Bridgton location will predominantly remain the same and patients will not experience any disruption to their medical services.

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