How Micah’s IG Shows He Escaped Parents’ Influence

Micah Plath lives by his own rules now. His Instagram is proof that Micah is no longer concerned with his parents’ strict lifestyle and guidelines.

Micah Plath’s Instagram proves he has stopped letting his parents and their values dictate his life. The Welcome to Plathville star moved out of his parents’ home with his sister, Moriah Plath, and the two haven’t looked back. Although they have more contact with their parents, Kim and Barry, than their brother and sister-in-law, Ethan and Olivia, Micah and Moriah have rejected the strict rules they were raised with just the same.

Micah is one of nine children in the conservative Christian Plath family from Cairo, Georgia. After parents Kim and Barry made poor choices in their youth, they decided to restrict their children’s lives to prevent them from making the same mistakes. The Plath parents did not allow technology in their home, and the children had never seen any movies or TV shows until they moved out. They were also forced to dress modestly, even when at the beach. Moriah would often get in arguments with her mom over the clothes and makeup she chose to express herself with. They also had strict chores and routines that helped Kim keep such a large household running.

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Ever since moving out, Micah has been living life on his terms. He and Moriah are both pursuing modeling careers, and Micah is signed with a modeling agency. His Instagram is full of professionally photographed, shirtless shots. Micah’s parents would definitely not approve of Micah showing so much skin on his Instagram, although fans love it. On his most recent photo, a fan even noted, “Your mother must love this.” Moriah faced more flak for her immodesty than Micah (as women often do), but Micah is definitely rebelling against his parents’ values by boldly embracing his figure in many of his Instagram pics.

When Micah’s Instagram posts don’t show him shirtless in the gym, he’s often shirtless on a beach. His parents probably would not approve of all of Micah’s exploring. They always kept their children close to home, as viewers saw during season two when Kim very begrudgingly let Moriah go on her first trip on an airplane with Olivia. Lastly, the fact that Micah has an Instagram at all goes against his parents’ beliefs and shows that he is not as influenced by Kim and Barry as they might hope. Their anti-technology rules have not stopped Micah from using his Instagram to post photos and connect with fans like a pro.

Micah occasionally posts photos with his siblings on Instagram, including one recently with his younger brother, Isaac, who still lives at home. Kim and Barry might not like Micah influencing Isaac like that, but Micah is still loyal to his siblings. In fact, Moriah, Ethan, Olivia, and Micah have all made a point to remain close as they all push back against Kim and Barry’s influence on their lives.

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Source: Micah Plath/Instagram

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