How To Record On Snapchat Without Holding Down The Button

Recording a video Snap requires holding down the record button the whole time, but there’s also a hands-free mode that’s quick and easy to enable.

A major limitation with recording videos through the Snapchat app is having to hold down the button for the duration of the recording. While there’s no way to actually record a Snap without holding down the button, there is a way to make the recording without holding down the button for the entire time. Here’s what you need to know.

In spite of the meteoric rise of TikTok, Snapchat remains an extremely popular image and video-sharing app. In fact, it appears as though it is becoming even more popular on Android than ever before, even recently overtaking iPhone on the number of active users. One of the reasons for its sustained popularity is its heightened ability to customize Snaps with stickers, filters, and effects. However, recording videos has and remains slightly more difficult than it probably should be.

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Although Snapchat still doesn’t offer a one-tap option to record a video through the app, it has added an easier way to record without having to keep the camera button pressed the entire time. Basically, the user just needs to start the recording as normal by holding down the button, but after a couple of seconds, a lock screen will appear to the left of the button. If the user then swipes their finger towards the lock icon (while still holding down), the video recording will be locked. At which point, the user can remove their finger and record for as long as they need. Once finished, they can simply tap the record button once again to stop the recording.

Finishing Up The Recording Remains The Same

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Once the recording has finished and been stopped by tapping on the button, the rest of the process of editing and sharing the Snap remains the same. Users can add text to the Snap, draw on the video, add a filter or sticker, or add a music track, and then send or share with any other users. The only difference is during the actual recording process they won’t have to hold the button down. In addition, the hands-free recording option works just fine with Long Snaps as well, so users won’t have to repeat the process if the ten-second Snap time is not long enough. Essentially, the video Snap will just keep recording until the user manually stops it by tapping the record button.

Of course, if the recording doesn’t come out exactly as the user wanted, then the whole process will need to be repeated after discarding the current video Snap. This also includes having to momentarily hold down the Snapchat app’s recording button before swiping left to activate the hand-free recording option. In other words, the hands-free mode won’t remain permanently on once enabled, so users will need to swipe left each time they record a video Snap.

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