How to Solve The Well Puzzle

Throughout the course of Resident Evil Village there are many puzzles for players to solve. This guide shows players how to solve the well puzzle.

Just like its many predecessors, Resident Evil Village manages to combine both action and horror in a very unique way. Players must navigate a village overrun by many horrible monsters and be able to fight their way through every creature that the game decides to throw at them. Those who hope to survive will need to stay on their toes and be prepared for the beasts lurking around every corner.

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While action and horror are a major aspect of this franchise, puzzles have always been a big part of the games as well. Resident Evil Village is no different and the player will need to solve several different puzzles throughout the game to progress. Some puzzles though are completely optional and will grant the player special treasures or items for solving them. This is exactly what happens if the player is able to solve the well puzzle at the Craftsman’s Hut. This guide shows the player how to solve the puzzle.

Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Well Puzzle

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In order to make an attempt at this puzzle, the player will first need to have made it through the Moreau section of the game and gotten their hands on both the crank and the well wheel. They will then need to travel back to the altar and walk along the Lone Road until they come across the bridge they crossed after exiting Castle Dimitrescu. Rather than crossing the bridge the player should turn right and walk down to the drawbridge. They can then lower this bridge using the crank which will allow the player to gain access to a small boat.

If the player gets in the boat and rows their way north they will find themselves back at the Craftsman’s Hut outside of Castle Dimitrescu. By walking behind the hut the player will come across a well that they can use the wheel on. Rather than bringing up an item like most wells, this will instead create a ladder that the player can use to descend into the depths of the well. At the bottom, the player will find a small room with a series of spike traps at various heights and a locked gate ahead of them. These spikes won’t harm the player, but they can be used to solve a puzzle to get behind past the gate.

The player will want to climb on top of the low spike platform on their right and then use that to climb up on another platform ahead of them. This will let the player get on a ledge that looks over the spike-filled room and has a control panel filled with various lights. The player should interact with this panel and press the two white lights to raise the top left and top center platforms. The player can then climb on the platform that has the minecart to push it out of the way and then get on the ledge opposite of the control panel that has a minecart. This cart can then be pushed off the ledge to create a platform the player can use to get on the top center platform.

The player is now able to hop inside a hole over the room with the locked gate to get their hands on an assortment of ammo and a rare treasure that is worth a decent amount of Lei.

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Resident Evil Village can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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