Jenny Wows In Fresh & Happy Look After COVID Recovery

Jenny Slatten has fully recovered from COVID-19 and is now enjoying the warm weather in India. Check out Jenny’s happier and healthier look!

Jenny Slatten recently shared a piece of good news with her 90 Day Fiance fans. The 62-year-old beauty posted a bunch of stunning pictures and said that she has fully recovered from COVID. She is now enjoying the warm weather in India. Many 90 Day Fiance viewers may remember that Sumit Singh and Jenny tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of April 2021. The couple stayed safe when the first wave of coronavirus hit India in March 2020. However, the second wave of coronavirus proved to be quite dangerous.

After returning from Goa, Sumit and Jenny got infected the same day that they were supposed to get vaccinated. The couple informed their fans and asked for prayers. Jenny’s daughter also posted a video on TikTok and revealed that her mother was struggling to breathe. Sumit also experienced troubled breathing. Many 90 Day Fiance fans were concerned for Jenny because she is 62, and the virus has a significant impact on older people. However, the new variant of COVID-19 is equally deadly for young people below the age of 40.

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The couple quarantined themselves at home for more than two weeks. After a month, Sumit and Jenny shared that they have almost recovered from the COVID-19. They posted a glammed picture on Instagram and thanked their fans for praying for them. They also urged viewers to keep praying for patients who were still recovering. Jenny has now shared a bunch of new pictures on her Facebook (included below) to update her fans about her recovery. Jenny shared beautiful photos while wearing a black tank top. She captioned the post as, “Enjoying being outside in the warm weather and so thankful to be recovered.

Jenny Slatten-COVID-India-Sumit-90 Day Fiance

Jenny’s skin is glowing, and she is looking happier and healthier than before. Instead of keeping her hair open, Jenny tied them in a low ponytail. It looks like Jenny has planted lots of plants in and around her house. She took most of her pictures around green bushes. Her fans from the United States are glad to see her happier version. They left comments like, “You look gorgeous and relaxed,” “Looking beautiful. Love conquers and cures All,” and “Glad you’re better. Now get vaccinated!

Since Sumit and Jenny have just recovered from COVID-19, they would have to wait for a few weeks before getting the vaccine. After recovering from the infection, the couple had to deal with another problem in India. An extremely severe cyclonic storm hit coastal regions of the country pretty badly. Sumit and Jenny shared shocking pictures and videos of the damage and revealed that their bathroom ceiling has been leaking. It seems like this 90 Day Fiance couple would wait for a little longer to get married in India.

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Source: Jenny Slatten on Facebook

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