Julia Called Out For Negative Comments Against Women

90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina is becoming a fast franchise villain. The dancer upset viewers with her negative comments against women.

Julia Trubkina has been called out by 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? fans for negative comments she made about women. The new wife of Brandon Gibbs has put her jealous streak on display as the couple explores marriage in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show. Julia previously came under fire for being vocally against plastic surgery during the season 8 Tell-All and calling younger women who get cosmetic surgery “lazy.” The Russian dancer is currently under fire for more negative remarks she made against women on Happily Ever After.

The brunette beauty has displayed a nasty jealous streak when it comes to other women interacting with her husband. Brandon recently offered to connect Julia with a female friend of his so that she could make connections and friendship. However, Julia recoiled from the idea and said she didn’t want Brandon having female friends because women are “sneaky” and “foxy.” Julia said that she didn’t want any women around her husband, because though she trusted him she didn’t trust other women. She also said that she didn’t want to associate with any of Brandon’s friends because she wanted them to make new friends together. The shocking display of anger and jealousy did not sit well with viewers.

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One viewer discussed Julia’s jealousy issues and disdain for women in the r/90dayfiance sub-Reddit. “The way Julia judges women makes me sad,” the user titled their post. “She talked about how women are not trustworthy, and they are foxy. I could imagine she would blame the girl for everything if her partner ever cheated. She’s going to become just like Brandon’s mother, when she becomes a mother in law. Unbearable,” the person wrote. Many agreed that Julia took things too far with her scornful jealousy. Some compared her to fellow season 8 cast member Rebecca Parrott, who was also memorably jealous of women paying her husband Zied Hakimi any attention. However, commenters pointed out that Rebecca did support women – as long as they didn’t look at Zied. On the other hand, Julia seems suspicious of all females.

She is suspicious of other women doing shady things cuz she’s like that herself or was like that herself,” one commenter suggested. “They have both been the ‘foxy’ ones to feel this way,” another person wrote. Commenters also widely believe that Julia doesn’t have to worry about other women’s attention towards Brandon because nobody would want to steal him from her. “And can you imagine if she actually snagged a prize? She’d be losing her mind allllll the time. No one wants Brandon, Julia. He’s all yours,” one commenter voiced. Overall, Julia’s criticism of women has established her as jealous and insecure and served to further alienate her from viewers.

Many franchise fans fear that Julia will end up like her mother-in-law Betty. Betty notoriously has had a difficult time letting go of Brandon and admitted she was jealous of his time with Julia. Viewers fear that if Julia does not overcome her jealousy, she will end up behaving the same way towards her future children’s partners. Julia’s turn as a franchise villain has disappointed many viewers who originally sided with the dancer in the past. Overall, Yara Zaya appears to be the only redeeming aspect of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? for many viewers.

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Source: r/90dayfiance

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