Katie Thurston Admits She Struggles With Anxiety

Ahead of The Bachelorette season premiere, Katie Thurston recently took to Instagram to open up about her current struggles with anxiety.

The Bachelorette‘s new lead Katie Thurston recently took to social media and opened up about her current struggles with anxiety. It was difficult for her to be isolated for almost two months filming the reality show; nonetheless, Katie is ready for viewers to see what happened in her season and if she left the show an engaged woman. Katie has waited a long time to meet her prince charming, and she may have found him in New Mexico.

Fans were introduced to the 30-year-old when she vied for Matt James’ heart in the most recent season of The Bachelor. Her claim to fame was when she exited the limo with a vibrator in her hand, claiming that she hopes she won’t have to use it anymore once Matt chooses her at the end. However, Katie was sent home halfway through the season, as she and Matt didn’t have the love connection she had hoped for. While she didn’t win Matt’s heart, Katie was offered another chance to find love as The Bachelorette.

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On Thursday night, Katie answered a few questions on her Instagram Stories, one of them being if she’s currently happy. The bank marketing manager responded yes to the question but explained how she came to that conclusion. “I think with happiness, it’s not something that you have but something you create,” Katie explained, noting it is “something you have to create daily.” Now that she has completed filming for The Bachelorette and is potentially engaged to one of her suitors, Katie has learned how to be happy and what steps she needs to take in order to achieve true happiness.

For the Washington native, that includes eliminating bad people from her life, not reading the comments on social media and speaking to her doctor about her recent struggle with anxiety. Katie, whose top four on The Bachelorette has been revealed, also recommends surrounding oneself with routines to keep the mind busy and figuring out how to stay on a healthy path mentally. She admits her life has been exciting the last few months, but with that still comes some “hardships.” Katie wants to be as open and transparent with her followers so they know she struggles with anxiety just like everyone else. The reality star is still figuring out her new life in the public eye and how to cope with her mental health now that she has this new public persona.

Now that Katie is The Bachelorette, she will be scrutinized by the public. Fans of the show will judge every decision she makes, and sometimes it can be challenging for the lead. However, Katie is learning ways to cope with the anxiety she feels leading up to the premiere of her season and is ultimately excited for the viewers to witness her journey to find love. Katie is content with where her life is at now, potentially engaged to her rumored final Bachelorette pick.

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Sources: Katie Thurston/Instagram

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