Love, Victor Season 2 Trailer Shows Coming Out Was Just The Beginning

Hulu releases first trailer for Love, Victor season 2 — revealing the reactions of Victor’s parents and new challenges in the wake of his coming out.

Hulu has released the first trailer for Love, Victor season 2 — revealing the aftermath of the show’s cliffhanger and the next steps of the titular character’s coming out journey. Created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the series was a direct spinoff of the similarly titled Love, Simon. Released in 2018, the film told followed Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) as he came to terms with his sexuality amid falling in love and being blackmailed. Critically acclaimed, many expected the sequels of the book upon which the film was based to be next adapted. Instead, Love, Victor explored a separate, similar tale set within the same world.

Released in February 2020, Love, Victor starred Michael Cimino as Victor Salazar. A new student at Creekwood High School, Victor wrestled with his own sexual identity throughout the first season. With the series differentiating itself via Victor’s contrasting background, the struggling teen initially tried to bury the truth. That included dating popular girl Mia Brooks (Rachel Hilson). Ultimately, Victor’s real self won out when he confessed his feelings and shared a kiss with Benji (George Sear). Further inspired by Simon (with Robinson reprising his role), the Love, Victor season 1 ending saw him finally come out to his parents. The credits immediately rolled, however, leaving fans to wonder how his family would react.

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Released on Youtube by Hulu, the first official trailer picked up in the immediate aftermath and highlighted what comes next. Victor’s father, Armando (James Martinez) accepted that it’s simply who Victor is and thus has to come to terms with it. Victor’s mother, Isabel (Ana Ortiz), was shown to visibly struggle with the revelation. As well as being unable to accept Victor and Benji kissing or being otherwise affectionate, the new footage also highlighted how the new status quo and her religious beliefs will conflict. Regardless, the Love, Victor emphasized that Victor was done hiding — wanting to make official at school his new relationship with Benji. Check out the full trailer below:

The trailer revealed that the personal and emotional journeys of other Love, Victor cast of characters would also be explored. After learning about Victor and Benji, it was left unclear if or when Mi would forgive and reconcile a friendship with Victor. The trailer did little to illuminate that eventuality. It did, however, indicate that her and Andrew (Mason Gooding) would be a new “will they/won’t they” for Love, Victor season 2 with the pair rediscovering their feelings for each other despite Andrew dating somebody else. Equally, it was revealed that Felix’s own home life would be more delved into, with Breaking Bad‘s Betsy Brandt introduced as his mentally-unwell mother, Dawn Westen.

In terms of Victor, his long-overdue acceptance of his sexuality won’t be without its share of ongoing struggles. As well as the issues with his family, the trailer emphasized troubles emerging at school. Firstly, as an school athlete, he will be deemed “too gay for the locker room“. Conversely, he was labelled as “not gay enough” by the friends of Benji. As such, Love, Victor season 2 looked to explore that, while deeply carthatic, coming out is often only the beginning. And that there is no one set kind of gay person. How Victor (and the other characters) ultimately navigates the myriad of issues and dilemmas they face shall remain to be seen. Regardless, Love, Victor season 2 will continue the show’s trend of emotional but ultimately uplifting storytelling. Equally, much as he expressed a desire to in the trailer, Victor himself will no doubt serve as a firm inspiration for countless people to be themselves.

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Love, Victor season 2 was confirmed to premiere via Hulu on June 11, 2021.

Source: Hulu

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