Marvel Reverses Daredevil’s Darkest Story at the Worst Possible Moment

Maybe the darkest storyline in Daredevil’s history has been reversed, but since the title of Kingpin is up for grabs, it happened at the worst moment

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1

While a successor has officially been named, the new title of Kingpin of New York City’s underworld is up for grabs making it the worst possible moment for Marvel to reverse Daredevil’s darkest storyline. After Wilson Fisk became Mayor of New York City, he decided he could no longer openly run the city’s crime ring. Fisk named Izzy Libris as the new Kingpin to run the city in the shadows while he does so in the light, though there are some people who have other plans in regards to the transference of power and now there is potentially one more player in the game. 

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In Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 by Nick Spencer, Roge Antonio, Carlos Gomez, and Ze Carlos, Kingpin is on a warpath to collect all the broken pieces to an ancient mystical artifact known as the Lifeline Tablet which possesses the power to resurrect the dead. Spider-Man is tricked by a pawn of the Kingpin’s, Boomerang, into believing that the villain had turned over a new leaf, when in fact he was working with Fisk to help him collect the pieces of the tablet all along, a task the two eventually completed. Once Fisk harnessed the power of the now restored tablet, he used it to bring back his son Richard AKA the Rose. 

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In Daredevil Vol. 2 #31, the Rose was killed by his mother Venessa after she learned Richard conspired to kill Fisk. Later, Venessa herself passed away, leaving Wilson alone with no family. Upon receiving the power offered to him by the Lifeline Tablet, Fisk decided not to bring back his wife, but to correct one of the darkest moments in Daredevil history and revives the legitimate heir to the Kingpin throne. Little does Fisk know, an heir already exists and is currently plotting against him as his original son once did, one who was brought to the land of the living in a similarly mystical fashion. 

In the 29th issue of the current Daredevil run, Mike Murdock, Matt’s “brother”, is sitting with an old friend, Butch, who reveals to him a shocking revelation: Butch is the son of Wilson Fisk. Even though Butch is revealed to be Fisk’s son, his relation to Kingpin is similar to Matt’s relationship with Mike. Both Mike and Butch were seemingly brought to life from nothing more than an idea through the powers of the Norm Stone. At the moment, Butch is working for Izzy Libris, the current Kingpin, while plotting her demise to take the crown for himself. 

Fisk naming Libris the new Kingpin of New York was sure to create conflict within the lower ranks of crime bosses across the city, but now that situation just became a whole lot muckier. A son Fisk doesn’t know about is plotting against him right under his unwitting nose just as he brings back to life his first son who has plotted against him in the past. The Rose proved that he would do whatever it takes to become the new Kingpin, including murder his own father, and Butch said himself that he was maneuvering to claim the position. Two sons pining for the power of their father amid an already tumultuous situation regarding New York’s underworld, in other words, the worst possible moment for Marvel to reverse Daredevil’s darkest story.

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