Marvel’s Most Advanced Armor Gets a Redesign in New Darkhawk Series

Darkhawk will be getting a new set of powerful armor that will be worn by an all-new hero in the upcoming Darkhawk #1 from Marvel Comics.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Darkhawk #1 by Marvel Comics below.

Marvel Comics’ most advanced armor is getting an all-new look. In new previews for the upcoming Darkhawk series, starring the hero who rose in popularity during the 90s, not only will a new character become don the mantle, but he’ll do so while wearing a new set of powerful armor. It’s Darkhawk like fans have never seen him before.

Darkhawk’s journey first began in Darkhawk #1 by Tom DeFalco and Mike Manley, in which Christopher Powell discovered an amulet that allowed him to take control of a powerful android. The super-adaptable Raptor Armor came with pretty insane abilities, as not only was it extremely strong but it allowed him to create extremely powerful energy blasts in both offensive and defensive situations. Darkhawk’s last adventure featured his cosmic armor going faster than the light speed. Powell’s version of Darkhawk took his final flight in the more recent Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1, where he sacrificed himself in order to save the galaxy. Now, a new Darkhawk will emerge in his absence.

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A new era will begin for Darkhawk in the upcoming Darkhawk #1. The series will see 17-year-old Connor Young discovering the amulet that gives him the powers of the hero. The series will be written by Kyle Higgins and feature art by Juanan Ramirez – both of whom contributed to the Heart of Hawk story. Darkhawk will be getting a new armor that honors his previous look while bringing new elements to the table. The Pepe Larraz design is sleek with some modern touches, as the new version will seemingly trade in his metal wings in exchange for ones formed from his own powers.

Darkhawk 2

Darkhawk 1

Unlettered and uncolored preview pages show Connor get struck by some sort of explosion. As he lays on the ground, he notices the amulet and picks it up to become the new hero.

Darkhawk 1a

Darkhawk 1b

Redesigning Darkhawk might seem like a mistake, as his original look remains iconic. But, even so, it remains quite dated and looks very ’90s. The new arc will see a new hero take on the role of Darkhawk, so a new redesign makes sense. All-in-all, Larraz’s new armor makes his suit look much more like an advanced android armor, with the change to Darkhawk’s wings bringing much-needed color to his ensemble. It’s going to be fascinating to see how else the new Darkhawk differs from his predecessor, as Higgins and Ramirez will have the chance to take the character in a different direction for new readers who might not be as familiar with him. Darkhawk #1 is coming to comic book stores in August.

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