Mass Effect’s Normandy Appears In No Man’s Sky Event

No Man’s Sky has gotten a Mass Effect crossover, which sees the Normandy appear in the game’s universe as the payoff for an expedition event.

The recently remastered Mass Effect series is crossing over with No Man’s Sky with Normandy cameo in a brand-new limited time event. The crossover is to celebrate all things Mass Effect and is the culmination of a rather unique for No Man’s Sky. However, given each game are set in a sprawling universe, it does make sense that No Man’s Sky could also include BioWare’s sci-fi epic.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition just released and has been welcoming in a bunch of new fans as well as welcoming back franchise veterans. BioWare’s sci-fi series is a defining trilogy for the entire gaming medium and has influenced numerous games across the industry, determining how both stories are told and how games can be made. Needless to say, it seems like No Man’s Sky was inspired by the series’ ambitious goals of creating a large sci-fi universe and now, developer Hello Games is able to pay that inspiration off.

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Players will notice that the Normandy, Commander Shepherd’s ship, has entered the stars of No Man’s Sky. Not only is it there to just admire, but it will also be available to add to players’ space fleets. Players have been embarking on an ARG that they believed would lead in to a new No Man’s Sky DLC, but in reality, it’s a cross-over with one of the biggest RPG franchises around. The Normandy will be around until May 31, but players who add it to their fleet will be able to keep it for good.

Although it seems unlikely that Mass Effect actually canonically exists within No Man’s Sky‘s universe, it’s still a fun surprise that no one expected. Given games like Fortnite and even Call of Duty have begun to regularly cross-promote with other major IP, it’s nice to see such a crossover that’s pure fan service in a smaller title. Whether or not other sci-fi franchises, such as Star Wars, could come to No Man’s Sky in the future remains to be seen, but players would likely welcome more.

Players have been digging into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition since last week and experiencing the three-part series as one whole story, as it was originally intended by BioWare. The developer has also confirmed that a new Mass Effect is in development and will likely release many years from now, but maybe there are some clues as to where the Normandy is headed in No Man’s Sky’s cross-over (but probably not). There’s still no word on to when No Man’s Sky‘s next update is releasing.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Hello Games

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