Minecraft Secrets & Mysteries Players Are Still Trying To Solve

Many of Minecraft’s most well-hidden secrets and Easter eggs have been uncovered by fans, but there are still some mysteries with no real answer.

Over ten years after its initial creation, Minecraft has an extensive fan community that’s managed to solve many of the game’s biggest mysteries. Multiple secrets have been uncovered that were initially hidden from players. However, not everything has been found and answered, and some big questions still remain.

The dedication of Minecraft fans has resulted in the discovery of secrets such as the original Minecraft title screen’s world seed and various Easter eggs that were either difficult to obtain in-game or hidden within Minecraft‘s files. But Minecraft is also a game that is frequently changing – usually receiving one or two major updates per year – and so new content is consistently being introduced to give players more to explore and uncover.

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The latest major update to the game releases in two parts in 2021. Caves & Cliffs will introduce new Minecraft mobs, biomes, and materials – as well as updated cave and mountain generation. These changes seem almost guaranteed to introduce new mysteries for longtime fans to discover, and players who are returning to the game after an extended break may find some significant new mechanics and secrets they aren’t familiar with. The world of Minecraft presents itself as an ever-evolving experience.

Minecraft’s Biggest Mysteries: Who Are The Illagers

Minecraft Secrets & Mysteries Players Are Still Trying To Solve

Players can encounter illagers in both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. They’re a hostile mob that look similar to villagers with the exception of grey skin, and they have unknown origins within the world of Minecraft. Unlike zombie villagers, they cannot be cured or converted into normal villagers. This has raised the question of whether they’re another type of corrupted villager or if they could perhaps be another faction or species altogether. Players can speculate on their goals – the existence of a pillager variant of illagers seems to suggest that they function as pirates – but the explanation of what exactly illagers are and where they originated from remains a mystery. Their strong resemblance to villagers, though, continues to raise several theories.

Minecraft’s Biggest Mysteries: Where Structures Come From

Minecraft Secrets & Mysteries Players Are Still Trying To Solve

Some buildings that can be found in Minecraft have logical explanations behind their existence. Witch huts are more than likely built by witches, and villagers are probably responsible for the construction of villages. But other structures seem to be long abandoned by the time Minecraft players stumble upon them, with no clues as to who built them or why. Desert temples, which often contain large amounts of treasure at the cost of being rigged with TNT, offer no explanation regarding who rigged the trap. And strongholds, which serve as the only location where players can access Minecraft‘s end portal, are equally mysterious. Fans are still trying to solve the puzzle of who or what is responsible for the creation of these structures.

As a game focuses on freedom and creative exploration, Minecraft‘s lore isn’t the focal point of the game. Because of this, it’s likely that many of Minecraft‘s biggest mysteries will never be concretely answered, and instead players will be left to speculate and form their own theories as they explore the complex world of Minecraft.

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