New Girl: The 10 Best Decisions Nick Made

While watching New Girl, it is easy to see that Nick sometimes does not think thinks through, thoroughly. That is not an insult to his character, but there is no denying that his immediate call to action sometimes ends up in him getting hurt. As a result, some fans consider him the most immature character of the entire group, which is a fair argument to make. However, that does not mean that the audience should ignore his smart decisions, too.

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In fact, Nick goes on to make some of the best decisions in the entire series that not only impact him in a positive way, but also others around him. He is a character who also has the qualities of a true leader and spectacular friend. His self-awareness is honestly an underrated and often ignored aspect of his character, especially when looking at how he is in earlier seasons. All of these positive decisions would end up being integral to his growth as a character, at the end of the day.

10 When He Befriends Schmidt

Nick meeting Schmidt for the first time

Nick and Schmidt meet one another while at college. Their first interactions stop off rather negatively, as Nick is put off by Schmidt randomly appearing in his bedroom eating his ramen.

However, Nick quickly warms up to him and the two instantly hit it off. This would be one of his best decisions ever, as Schmidt is now one of his best friends and the two go through so much together in the series.

9 When He Decides Not To Be A Lawyer

Nick as a law school student

Nick originally plans to be a lawyer and even gets very far into his path to becoming one. In fact, he even passes the bar exam in the process. However, he does not end up in this profession, of course, as he is working at the bar.

Nick states that the reason he left law school is that he did not like the way that it changed him. This amount of self-awareness on his end is honestly quite admirable. In the end, it works out, as he not only finds, but ends up succeeding in his true passion.

8 When He Gets The Guys To Ditch A Party To Console Jess

Nick, Schmidt and Coach singing to Hess

When Jess originally moves into the loft, Nick is against it. Later in the series, it becomes known that this is because he is scared of his intense feelings for her.

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However, his disapproval of her fades when he finds out that Jess’ date stands her up. Instead of going to the party where Caroline is, he gets the guys to go to the restaurant to console Jess. They even sing to her. This is a spectacular move on his end because it helps solidify his friendship with Jess.

7 When He Doesn’t Move In With Caroline

Nick drives to the desert

Although Caroline is an atrocious girlfriend to Nick, he decides to get back with her randomly. Jess is particularly upset about this, as she feels that he deserves far better. However, Nick does not originally listen to her and even plans to move in with her.

Yet, it is clear that he has a lot of doubt, as he drives into the desert the day he is supposed to move in. At the end of the day, he ends up going against his original decision and moves back into the loft. This is a good move on his end, as it is clear that he is on the verge of making a monstrous mistake.

6 When He Kisses Jess For The First Time

Nick and Jess kiss for the first time

As the series progresses, it is clear that there is some intense chemistry between Nick and Jess. However, Nick explores this at perhaps the worst time possible, as Jess is dating Sam when he kisses her for the first time.

Although this is poor timing on Nick’s end, it ultimately does work out for him in the long run. Although she tries to deny it at first, Jess begins to process her feelings for Nick. This, of course, eventually leads to the two dating for the first time.

5 When He Befriends Tran

Nick and Tran meet for the first time

Similar to his first interaction with Schmidt, Nick is very standoffish with Tran. However, he quickly changes his attitude and becomes friends with him. In fact, the pair begin to bond very quickly and have a lot of fun together.

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This also is perfect timing for Nick, as he just lost his father in a previous episode. Thus, Tran takes on this fatherly role with Nick and even ends up going to some big events with him in the future, such as Nick’s wedding and Thanksgiving.

4 When He Writes The Pepperwood Chronicles

Nick writing the Pepperwood Chronicles

From a professional standpoint, Nick really blossoms as the series progresses. He becomes the owner of the bar, and although he has a few hiccups along the way, he learns to be way more responsible.

However, writing is his real passion, and he strikes gold when he comes up with the Pepperwood Chronicles. This is where Nick finds true happiness with his professional career, as well as overall success. Creating Julius Pepperwood to spy on Jess’ suspicious creative writing student is a grand move on his end.

3 When He Ends His Relationship With Reagan

Nick and Reagan together

Although Nick quickly falls for Reagan upon meeting her, it becomes clear that the two just are not compatible once they start dating seriously. Nick becomes an individual who yearns for communication, while Reagan is the complete opposite.

Thus, Nick realizes that he needs to end things with her, as he wants something more. Although the way he handles this is immensely immature, as he literally runs away from her on a train, it is an important decision on his end and leads to his eventual true happiness.

2 When He Gets Back With Jess

Nick and Jess getting back together

Once Nick and Reagan split up, Nick comes to terms with his feelings for Jess. This is after a heart-to-heart conversation with Schmidt, who helps Nick realize that he still is in love with her.

This leads Nick to immediately tell Jess how he is feeling. At this point, Jess has been hiding her love for Nick for the entire season, so the audience is thrilled when this all transpires. The two meet in the elevator and share a kiss, which brings them officially back together.

1 When He Proposes To Jess

Nick proposing to Jess

In the final season, Nick and Jess are thankfully still together. In fact, things have gotten even more serious, as Nick plans to propose to Jess. He even has Bob’s blessing, but the latter keeps taking it away because of how long it is taking Nick to do it.

However, the big moment finally occurs and the two eventually get married, which is something the audience waited for since the beginning of the series.

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New Girl: The 10 Best Decisions Schmidt Made

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