Norway homeowner complains about excessive construction noise 24/7

NORWAY — A Pleasant Street resident told selectmen Thursday he’s frustrated with a neighbor, who operates his machinery, backhoes and other construction vehicles at all hours of the night.

He asked the board to help him get relief so he can enjoy his property again.

Luke Kory of 565 Pleasant St. sent a letter to the town and addressed selectmen Thursday night. He said the actions of neighbor Jason Shiers, who runs Pleasant Hill Property Services, has disrupted the neighborhood, which Kory described as a residential area.

“This operation across the street has transformed from an extra place to park vehicles into now a full blown 24/7 noise-making business that constantly disrupts the lives and sleep of my family,” Kory wrote in a letter sent to the town. “There are trucks in the street constantly parked, being loaded/unloaded, blocking traffic at all hours of the day. Constant oversized/large loads of materials being delivered. Constant large industrial machinery being run to load and unload these materials. Constant crashing, banging sounds and very loud beeping from the backup safety features of these vehicles.”

Kory, who has lived in the home for 15 years, said it was formerly a quiet neighborhood filled with residential homes before Shiers expanded and developed the property into an “excavation, vehicle and construction material storage site.”

He has tried to talk to his neighbor about the noise at all hours of the day and night, but said he just got it thrown back in his face with veiled threats of even more noise and expansion.

“I hate to think that I’ll live in a construction zone for the rest of my life,” Kory said.

Norway, however has no zoning and no noise ordinance. Members of the board were sympathetic

“I don’t know what the board’s authority is,” Selectman Ryan Lorrain said.

The board said it would consider its options, which may be limited. One resident asked what was needed to collect signatures for a noise ordinance.

In other business…

In another matter, the board approved a beer and wine liquor license for Cafe Nomad and a beer, wine and spirits liquor license for Smokin’ Dave’s Backyard BBQ & Grill. The board also approved a beano/bingo license for Stone-Smart American Legion Post 82 on Main Street. Those games will be held Mondays at 4 p.m. starting June 21.

Adam Teff from Titan Energy spoke to the board about its options on solar net energy. Titan serves as a broker and works for municipalities as a sounding board to review solar energy options.

Saying he was not asking the board to take immediate action, Town Manager Dennis Lajoie said he was merely exploring options and wanted to update the board on the issue.

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