Photo Of Angela Deem Smoking In Hospital Shocks Fans

An alleged picture of Angela surfaced online in which she is lighting a cigarette while lying on the hospital bed. Does she want to get healthy?

An alleged picture of the 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has surfaced online, in which she is lighting a cigarette while lying on her hospital bed. Many viewers would know that the meemaw is addicted to smoking. Even though her weight loss surgeons asked her to stop smoking before the surgery, she ignored their warnings and kept lighting cigarettes after cigarettes. In the latest episode of Happily Ever After, Angela had two surgeries back-to-back.

Many viewers think it was weird for Angela to undergo two major surgeries at the age of 55. She had to be under anesthesia for over four hours, which could have raised complications. Fans also questioned why Angela went to a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills when she could have had a gastric sleeve anywhere in the United States. She was probably planning to have breast reduction surgery and lift all along and acted like she didn’t know about it. TLC was also dragged for showing such irresponsible content. It wasn’t funny to show Angela disobey the surgeon’s warnings regarding smoking.

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There was a possibility that she could have died during the operations. However, it seems like Angela is recovering from her surgery in the hospital and failing to follow post-operative instructions as well. A picture has surfaced on Reddit in which it looks like Angela is lighting her cigarette. In the alleged photo, Angela is lying on a hospital bed while wearing a hospital gown. Check out the picture posted by a fan on Reddit with the title “Angela post-op. That’s one healthy b**ch.

This new dangerous picture has shocked many 90 Day Fiance fans. They left comments like, “She’s about to blow herself up,” “This can’t be real,” “I’m sure if the camera panned to the right, you would see a mountain of junk food bags,” and “Wait… HOLD UP… is this Seriously a Real picture of her after surgery lighting a f’in cigarette still hooked up ????!!!!” Viewers think that weight loss surgery would be of no use if Angela would carry on smoking like this and won’t curb her diet and cravings. She can gain all the weight again within a year if she doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle.

Many fans may not like Angela’s health choices, but they certainly like getting special messages from her. She is available on Cameo and asks for a whopping $125 for a one or two-minute video. One fan was so happy to get a video message from Angela that they offered their eggs. The fan said that they are ready to donate their eggs if Angela really wants them. As of now, the 90 Day Fiance star has not reacted to the offer, but her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, would certainly be happy to hear this news.

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Source: Reddit

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