Pokémon GO Gible Community Day Date & Details Announced

Pokémon GO released new details, including the date and time, for its upcoming June Community Day centering around land shark Pokémon Gible.

The date and details have been revealed for Pokémon GO‘s upcoming June Community Day starring land shark Gible. Single Pokémon-centered Community Days were added to the mobile ARG back in 2018, and Gible’s inclusion in June’s Community Day was confirmed earlier in May by developer Niantic.

This year is a milestone for the Pokémon brand as it turns a quarter-century old, a large celebration dubbed Pokémon 25  meant to go on through the entirety of 2021. Not only is the franchise celebrating its 25th birthday, but the massively successful Pokémon GO turns five-years-old this year, as well. Niantic is playing its part for this double celebration by continually giving fans new content and in-game events to keep its title interesting.

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On the official Pokémon GO blog, Niantic released some concrete details for Gible’s much-anticipated Pokémon GO Community Day. It will take place on June 6 and run from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. During that timeframe, Gible will appear in the wild more frequently and there will be special benefits for players that have some of the land shark Pokémon’s evolved forms. The game will also have some event-exclusive purchasable content available, as well, including a $1 Special Research ticket.

Pokemon GO June Community Event stars Gible

Niantic is in the middle of its fourth full year of Community Days and seems to have found a good rhythm with this monthly event. With all that is going on in 2021 celebrations, it is likely a relief for the developer to have something it can rely on to supply engaging content. Not every Pokémon event has gone smoothly this year, but Pokémon GO still has a strong hold on its player base and there’s no telling what the developer has planned to close out the second half of they momentous year.

When Pokémon GO launched five years ago, it was no doubt meant to add to the then celebration of the Pokémon brand turning 20. Now that the game has become iconic in its own right, that has only increased the pressure on Niantic with this year’s combination anniversary. Fans are expecting a lot and the developer has done a fairly good job of meeting those high demands, but it’ll have to keep up the excitement in 2022 after setting the bar so high by making highly requested events like Gible’s Community Day a reality.

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Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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