Ragnarok Might Make Atreus Fully Playable

Santa Monica Studio concept artist Samuel Matthews recently theorized how the team might explore a playable Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok.

Appearing on an episode of The God of War Podcast, Santa Monica Studio concept artist Samuel Matthews theoretically discussed how the team could explore a fully playable Atreus in the still untitled God of War: Ragnarok adventure. It’s no secret that Creative Director Cory Barlog took inspiration from The Last of Us while conceptualizing God of War 2018, which later informed the design of The Last of Us Part II’s Rat King.

In fact, many God of War faithful expressed their skepticism following the E3 2016 reveal of Kratos’ new adventure, fearing a companion character wouldn’t work in the usually fast-paced action series. The game quelled said concerns upon its early 2018 release. Not only did fans come to love Kratos’ son, but countless are also eager to see what he’ll grow into once he reaches adulthood. Now it seems that, in theory at least, players could have a front-row seat to the action when it comes to a more mature Atreus.

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Santa Monica Studio Concept Artist Samuel Matthews recently appeared on an episode of The God of War Podcast (via GamesRadar). Upon being asked about how Naughty Dog’s playable character choices in The Last of Us Part II might influence the next God of War entry, Matthews said “there’s just so much you could do there” in terms of Atreus taking the lead. He joined the podcast’s host in joking that players would primarily use a bow and arrow, then went on to note how “you can branch off the two characters in different directions to be on their own for a while” à la TLoU.

It’s worth remembering that Matthews’ comments do not confirm Atreus’ appearance as a playable character in the God of War 2018 follow-up. The artist merely contemplates the possibilities, pondering how the new title could potentially explore such a direction.

In truth, very little is known about Kratos’ and Atreus’ next journey across the Norse world, despite Sony’s announcement of the project several months ago. And though the public has taken a liking to the Ragnarok subtitle, neither the publisher nor Santa Monica Studio have confirmed the final name. It could be a while before any concrete details surface, too, given that all signs point to the new God of War slipping out of its previously teased 2020 window.

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God of War: Ragnarok presently lacks a firm due date.

Source: The God of War Podcast (1, 2) via GamesRadar

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