Returnal Beaten In Under 5 Minutes During World Record Speedrun

Achieving something that many can only dream of, one Returnal player has sored through the last of the game’s hostile biomes at an eyewatering speed.

In an incredible showcase of highly skilled gameplay, someone has managed to complete Returnal in under five minutes, setting a new record in the process. Returnal released as one of the first true exclusives for the PlayStation 5 earlier this year, and while it has become renowned for its mind-bending story and impressive use of the PS5 DualSense controller, it is also known for being a hard game to complete at all, let alone quickly.

A key factor in Returnal’s story is that every time ASTRA space explorer Selene dies, she awakens again at the site of her crashed spacecraft, Helios. This results in a Groundhog Day-like experience for Selene (and players) as she continues on with her quest to find out what is actually going on on the planet of Atropos. As she ventures forwards, she discovers her own corpses littering the world, along with progressively hard alien enemies to overcome in a variety of hostile biomes.

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However, while many have spent hours playing Returnal just to get through the first biome of the game alone, one speedrunner has completed it in an awesome time of 4 minutes 58 seconds. MentalToast (via Kotaku) shared their impressive speedrun on YouTube, where they, quite literally, soar past enemies at astonishing speeds. This is thanks in part to MentalToast implementing a technique known as “Dash-Melee Jump,” which allows them to propel Selene forward at a much faster pace than is achieved with just a regular dash. There are additionally no cutscenes shown, as MentalToast skips these to further speed up the overall process of their run, which can be watched below. It also helps that they do not die during this portion of gameplay, something that is not easily accomplished during a playthrough of Returnal.

It should be noted that, while this is certainly an impressive achievement from MentalToast, they do in fact start this particular Returnal speedrun after the first three biomes within the game. This in itself does cut off a significant chunk of gameplay time. It is also not completed on an original save file. Rather, MentalToast stated on their YouTube channel that “This save file (was) created specifically for this category to only unlock the best traits for the pistol and max them out to better the odds of getting something decent before Orphion.” Either way, this Returnal speedrun is still amazing to watch, and would be exceedingly hard to replicate, even on a good day. Clearly a lot of skill and patience has gone into learning the mechanics within Returnal to achieve a run that is so flawless and slick.

While many can only dream of making it through just one of Returnal’s biomes in such a swift time, Housemarque is busy making sure that any of the game’s lingering issues are being smoothed out. The most recent patch for Returnal went live recently and should fix the problem of the Deceased Scouts not appearing as often as they are intended to, among other things.

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Returnal is available now for the PlayStation 5.

Source: MentalToast/YouTube (via Kotaku)

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