RHOC: Every OG Housewife & Their Most Iconic Scene

Over 15 seasons, The Real Housewives of Orange County has introduced reality TV fans to funny taglines, unique cast members, and dramatic scenes. There is often talk of cast shake-ups and it’s true that every year, there is usually a new person added to the already close friend group. That causes tension and brings the kind of drama that fans wait for.

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RHOC has had some great storylines and every housewife has at least one scene that stands out among the rest. Many women who were part of the cast for the first few seasons of the show have a famous moment that fans can’t forget about. From fights to quotable lines, these scenes are both dramatic and entertaining.

8 Kimberly Bryant: When She Talked About Breast Implants

Kimberly Bryant and cast of RHOC

When Kimberly was on RHOC, she mostly talked about plastic surgery, and her most memorable moment is talking about getting breast implants.

It’s hard for fans to recall much more about Kimberly’s storylines on the show, as she only appeared in the first season’s 7 episodes and the season 2 premiere.

7 Jo De La Rosa: When She Argued With Slade Because She Had A Job

jo de la rosa RHOC cropped

RHOC fans think of Slade Smiley as Gretchen Rossi’s partner, but back in the early days of the show, Slade was dating Jo. Jo’s most iconic scene is when she told Slade that she got a job in real estate. This led to a big fight, as he wanted her to stay home, and he didn’t understand why she wanted to work.

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As soon as he asked “why?” and she said “Because I’m kind of bored,” it was clear that these two wouldn’t be able to see eye to eye on this issue. Slade said he wanted to make a plan for the future and he didn’t think she was going about it the right way. Jo was upset and explained how she had always wanted to work and she wanted to reclaim herself. Fans weren’t surprised when these two broke up, as they didn’t want the same things.

6 Tammy Knickerbocker: When She Locked Her Daughter Out Of The House

Tammy Knickerbocker RHOC

In the season 2 episode “Studio, Jewelry, and Babies,” Tammy locked her house and made sure that her daughter couldn’t get inside. She didn’t want her daughter to throw a party.

This was definitely a tough scene to forget, as some might say that was a bit extreme and that she could have just spoken to her child about the house rules. This was also a memorable scene as Tammy’s daughter got into the house and had a party anyway, so it didn’t work.

5 Lauri Peterson: When She Said Vicki Had Multiple Partners

Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson on Watch Live

When the cast members of RHOC went to Whistler, Lauri was there, too, and it was interesting to see her return since she hadn’t been on the show for several seasons. Lauri brought up a rumor that Vicki had slept with several partners at once and Vicki was really upset.

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Vicki yelled that it wasn’t true, creating an awkward moment. This was definitely Lauri’s most memorable scene on the show. When she was on the reality series originally, the focus was often on her family life, as her son Josh went to juvenile hall, and her love story with George.

4 Jeana Keough: When Tamra Threw Wine In Her Face

Jeana was on the show for five seasons and when fans think back to her episodes, one stands out the most: the season 6 episode when Tamra threw her glass of wine right in Jeana’s face.

This would have been surprising if they were hanging out alone, but they were at a party, and of course, this was filmed for TV. When Jeana left the party and went back home, she said, “I mean, that’s ridiculous, who behaves that way? I’ve never seen anything…ah, it’s good we didn’t have far to go.” Tamra thought that Jeana was talking to the media about her divorce, which is what sparked the wine throw.

3 Gretchen Rossi: When Tamra Encouraged Her To Drink

gretchen rossi

Gretchen Rossi appeared on RHOC from seasons 4 until 8, and she was a huge part of the show. She’s definitely a former housewife who made an impact on the show, as viewers liked tuning in to see how her relationship with Tamra was evolving.

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Gretchen’s drama was often about her partner Slade Smiley but she also had many arguments and wild moments with Tamra. In season 4, the cast members had a dinner party, and Tamra kept telling Gretchen to drink. She called it “naked wasted.”

2 Tamra Judge: When She Yelled “That’s My Opinion!”

Tamra had many wild moments on RHOC and no fan can forget when she and Vicki fought in season 7. At the season 9 reunion, the women talked about Vicki’s relationship with Brooks. Tamra said that things got worse in Bali as Lizzie said Tamra said Brooks wasn’t a good person.

Vicki asked, “How do you know what’s good for me?” and Tamra screamed, “That’s my opinion!” and asked why she couldn’t have an opinion. Since this was such a big part of the series, it was impossible to forget this reunion moment, thanks to the way that Vicki’s romance with Brooks totally changed her friendship with Tamra. It became Tamra’s most iconic scene.

1 Vicki Gunvalson: When She Complained About A Family Van

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson on Watch What Happens Live

No one can forget when Vicki yelled that she shouldn’t have to take a family van to the airport. She called the car company and yelled, “I said 12 bags, six people. We are going on a cruise for two and a half weeks. This is not funny! You have a little family van. When do you ever bring a family van to pick up six people? This is ridiculous!”

It seemed like everyone could squeeze in and make it work, and many people would want to go to the airport and get their vacation started. But Vicki was sometimes passionate about having things her way, and fans never forget this iconic scene.

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Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge in Real Housewives of Orange County

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