Rick and Morty Co-Creator’s Trover VR Game Gets Comic Adaptation

Image Comics is launched a brand new comic book based on a Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s VR video game Trover Saves the Universe.

Trover Saves the Universe, a virtual reality video game created by the same man who helped send Rick and Morty across the airwaves, Justin Roiland, is now getting its own comic book adaptation. Stocked full of the same outlandish wit and social commentary as Roiland’s hit Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, the Trover Saves the Universe comic book expands on the world introduced to fans in the video game. The majority of the first issue preview features flashbacks to events before the game, outlining the lives of two characters working for an evil space company that systematically kills their worst employees, and these two workaholics just found themselves at the bottom of that list. 

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In the preview for Trover Saves the Universe #1 created by Justin Roiland, written by Tess Stone, and released by Image Comics, fans are thrown back into the lives of Trover and his Chairorpian friend after the events of the video game where the two guardians of the galaxy saved the universe. Trover and the Chairorpian are sitting at a bar, enjoying some down time after their fan-immersed adventure. While the two enjoy their beverages, Trover asks his silent companion if the Chairorpian wants to hear a story based on flashbacks. These are not Trover’s flashbacks, but rather those of a friend of his. After coming to the conclusion that everyone loves flashbacks, Trover begins to tell the flashback story about his friend’s flashbacks and thus, the comic book storyline begins. 

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While Morty would assuredly disapprove of the flashback story structure, the preview from Image Comics shows Trover describes the memory of the two main characters in the Trover Saves the Universe comic, Klover and Bo. The two are employees at ICJ, Important Cosmic Jobs, an evil space company, rivaling Marvel’s King in Black in its villainy, that kills their worst employee at the end of every month. Klover is described as being a loose cannon who’s easily frustrated and seemingly not very good at his job, while Bo is innovative yet careless as every attempt she makes at trying to improve the company and quality of life for her fellow employees ends in disaster. This month, Bo and Klover find themselves at the bottom of the deadly list, and their insurance may not even cover their coffin costs. 

This ambitious dive into the comic book industry comes after Roiland helped create one of the most popular adult cartoons of all time, followed by another comedy series on Hulu, Solar Opposites, as well as the previously discussed video game. While this will be Roiland’s first plunge into mainstream comics, this isn’t his first run-in with the comic book world. Fans of the Amazon television show Invincible, based on the comic book published by Image Comics, can hear Roiland’s familiar voice in a side character that ends up getting horribly mutilated and turned into a mindless cyborg. Roiland also dabbled in self publishing, releasing single-paged comic strips on his personal Instagram page with most being far more adult in content than his other projects, but with the same iconic style and satirical tone fans are used to seeing from the artist. 

Justin Roiland has been influential in the adult animation world, successfully launching two hit franchises as well as a popular video game and is now using that momentum to break into the comic book world. After reading the first few pages of the first issue of Trover Saves the Universe, fans of Roiland’s previous work are sure to love his new comic series. After years of successes, proven true in just the first few pages of the Trover comic adaptation, Justin Roiland maintains his original style in artwork, tone, and absolute absurdity and the entirety of his creative process is expertly brought to life by writer Tess Stone, assuredly making this new comic a treat for fans of Rick and Morty

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Source: Image Comics

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