Stranded Deep: How to Get More Fresh Water

Thirst in Stranded Deep can be intimidating, but water isn’t too difficult to come by. This guide explains how to get fresh water in Stranded Deep.

Despite being surrounded by water, fresh drinking water in Stranded Deep is harder to come by than players may think. Still, keeping thirst levels up is necessary if players want to survive and thrive on their new deserted island.

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The thirst meter in Stranded Deep drains the quickest, which can be intimidating when first starting out. However, potable water isn’t actually too difficult to come by with the right knowledge, and this guide will explain the best ways to get fresh water in Stranded Deep.

Getting Fresh Water in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Fresh Water Making

At the start of the game, coconuts will be the quickest way to get drinking water. Coconuts can either be grabbed straight from a tree, or by climbing a tree to get them. After hacking at the coconut with a tool, a few hits will turn it into a ‘drinking coconut’, which restores one bar of thirst. Coconuts are plentiful and don’t spoil, making them good for stockpiling. However, drinking too many coconuts can make the player sick and cause dehydration, which is obviously counterintuitive. Some islands will also spawn Quwawa berries which refill thirst. These berries spoil quickly, however they can be planted unlike coconuts.

The most effective method of obtaining a sustainable water source is the ‘Water Still’. Crafting this will be unlocked after reaching level 2 in crafting, and will require:

  • A coconut flask
  • 1 palm frond
  • 1 lashing
  • Cloth
  • 3 rocks

After placing a water still, it will collect fresh drinkable water every time it rains. Each still stores 4 slurps, and 7 are necessary to go from dehydration to full. Thus, crafting at least 2 water stills as soon as possible is a great way to create a reliable water source.

Creating a water storage vehicle to transport water is vital for players who want to spend time exploring without having to pause to hunt for water. Coconut flasks can hold one drink, while leather waterskins can hold three. Finally, the player’s initial raft contains three rations that are a good source of food and water. These can be used in the early game until players develop an efficient water system, or they can be saved and used on longer boat expeditions.

Getting water is an essential aspect of survival in Stranded Deep. While it may seem overwhelming at first with all the other things that need to get done to ensure survival, this guide should hopefully make finding fresh water a much less daunting task.

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Stranded Deep is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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