Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Production Start Date

Last month, Elon Musk raised concern that the Cybertruck could be facing production delays. Now, Tesla is confirming that’s not the case.

The Tesla Cybertruck appears to still be on track for a 2021 production date, as recently confirmed by a new text from the company. The timing of this announcement isn’t lost on anyone, seeing that it comes just a couple of days after Ford unveiled its F150 Lightning all-electric truck.

It’s been about a year and a half since the Cybertruck was first announced in November 2019, and prior to this latest update, there was concern that Tesla was going to miss its initial target of a late-2021 production window. Last month, someone on Twitter asked Elon Musk if the company was still planning to deliver Cybertruck orders by the end of the year. While Musk did respond, he ignored the question altogether and provided an update on Model Y production — causing some to believe that Cybertruck availability was behind schedule.

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Thankfully, it appears that isn’t the case after all. As first spotted by CNET, Tesla has begun sending out text messages to confirm “The Cybertruck will start production in late 2021.” While this isn’t necessarily new information, it does provide some reassurance following Musk’s comments from a month ago. These texts are being sent to people that have already reserved a Cybertruck, with Tesla also taking the opportunity to nudge them towards test driving a Model 3 and Model Y while they wait.

Tesla Can’t Afford Any Delays With They Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck driving on a road

While the Cybertruck may have been a one-of-a-kind vehicle back in 2019, that’s no longer the case in mid-2021. As mentioned above, Ford recently jumped into the all-electric truck race with the F150 Lightning. It touts up to 300 miles of range, can be used as a generator for homes during a power outage, and starts at a little under $40,000. Its design is much more traditional than what Tesla’s offering with the Cybertruck, but for many shoppers, that’s an advantage in Ford’s favor. The Cybertruck will also be going up against GMC’s lineup of Hummer EVs — including pickup and SUV models.

In other words, it’s a good thing Tesla isn’t facing any delays for the vehicle. The Cybertruck still looks like one of the most compelling electric trucks coming out, but if it wants a better shot at standing out from the competition, hitting that original release date will give it a solid head start. Tesla’s website currently shows the dual-motor and tri-motor Cybertruck variants planned for late 2021, with the baseline single-motor option still not expected until late 2022.

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Source: CNET

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