Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The Sims franchise has become a huge hit over the years and it continues to captivate the attention of new players. That’s largely due to the fact that people have the option to create their own characters and control their destinies. However, the pre-made characters are just as important and intriguing, sometimes even more.

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Not all of the Sims are humans but that doesn’t change the fact that they all have a lot to offer. And since they all have different characters, they would also naturally have different Zodiac signs.

12 Aries: Judith Ward

Judith Ward

Arieses are known for being courageous and determined people. Once they envision a goal they would like to achieve, nothing will stop them. They’re confident in their abilities and the fact that they will get what they want. But they can also be moody and short-tempered. As a global superstar, Judith Ward had worked hard to achieve her position as a legendary actress. Judith is an ambitious person who now gets to enjoy the result of her work. At the same time, she’s not the friendliest person out there. She’s more of a loner and doesn’t mince her words.

11 Taurus: Yuki Behr

Yuki Behr reads a book

Tauruses are known for being persistent and stubborn. They can come across as strange to others but once people get to know them, they often discover Tauruses are good people. Yuki shares the typical determination of Tauruses as she slowly but surely builds her career for herself. What’s typical for Tauruses as well is their intelligence and aptitude for unusual activities. In Yuki’s case, this includes hacking.

10 Gemini: Caleb Vatore

Caleb Vatore

Geminis are gentle and affectionate people who are also curious and easily manage to adapt to new things. Even though Caleb Vatore is a vampire, he’s far from frightening. Since he doesn’t feed on humans, he usually quickly befriends any newcomers who move to his city. Caleb’s natural curiosity to meet and get to know new people as well as his ability to make friends means he would fit well with Geminis.

9 Cancer: Nalani Mahi’ai

Nalani Mahi'ai

Nalani first showed up in The Sims 4 and she instantly became one of the fan favorites. She’s a mermaid but likes to hide the fact. Nalani’s kind and sunny disposition make her similar to Cancers who are sympathetic, loyal, and emotional people by nature. However, they can also be insecure and suspicious of others.

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Nalani doesn’t trust new people with her secret identity but once she gets to know them, she opens up to them and becomes a loyal and supportive friend.

8 Leo: Don Lothario

Don Lothario

Leos are larger than life, and Don Lothario fits the bill. People born in this Zodiac sign have strong charisma, are charming and funny. However, they can also be self-centered at times, arrogant even. Don Lothario is charming enough to be able to strike a romance with two sisters at the same time. And since he’s self-centered, he doesn’t see there’s anything wrong with this type of behavior.

7 Virgo: Bob Pancakes

The Sims 4 Bob Pancakes

Virgos are among the hardest working people out there. They’re smart, kind, loyal, and practical people who can be sometimes overly shy, though, and also don’t like to openly confront other people. That means that they can let others take advantage of them if they’re not careful enough. Bob Pancakes fits the bill as he dreams of being a chef but works as a caterer for now. Bob is a calm, sympathetic guy. His relationship with Nora is more complicated as it feels like she’s the dominant one and sometimes stamps over Bob. That makes the fans like him even more as they feel for him and often come up with creative ways how to help Bob get rid of his wife.

6 Libra: Morgyn Ember

Morgyn Ember

Libras are known for their strong sense of balance and justice. A Libra is ultimately a people person and believes that other individuals deserve a shot at happiness or whatever they want. They’re social, capable of easily making friends, and easily cooperate with others. As the sage of the Untamed magic, Morgyn Ember is an open and friendly person who seems to like to make new friends and it doesn’t take them long to open up to others. They’re also willing to share their extensive magic knowledge with the people they get to know better.

5 Scorpio: Bella Goth

Bella Goth

The ever-so-mysterious Bella Goth fits the bill of a Scorpio to the last letter. People born in this Zodiac sign are known for being brave, resourceful, and passionate, but they can also be secretive and distrusting.

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Bella is definitely one of the most secretive Sims in the games and there are a lot of things about her the fans like to discuss to this day. And as for bravery, she has it set as one of her major traits in The Sims 3 which means that Bella doesn’t panic in the face of dangers.

4 Sagittarius: Lilith Pleasant

Lilith Pleasant stands in CAS

Nobody is ever bored with a Sagittarius since people born in this Zodiac sign tend to have a great sense of humor. They also have the tendency to do whatever they want at times. Lilith Pleasant has been in the franchise for a while and she grew with it. She’s studying Villainy in the Sims 4 at a university and likes to live her life to the fullest. Lilith’s unique sense of humor and lively character means she would fit among Sagittariuses.

3 Capricorn: Nancy Landgraab

Nancy Landgraab walks down a street

Nancy Landgraab is one of the few pre-made Sims who might very well be described as villains by some. However, just like in multiple cases, it’s a bit more complicated with Nancy. She works as a crime lord and rules her household with an iron hand. Capricorns are often career-oriented, ambitious people with strong discipline. They excel at work but sometimes not so much at personal life since they can come across as a know-it-all.

2 Aquarius: Vladislaus Straud

Vladislaus Straud

Vlad Straud is the founder of the vampire city Forgotten Hallow. He’s a lonely vampire who doesn’t build relationships with people easily since he feels distant from emotional expression. Aquariuses are among the most original people out there. Like Vlad, who founded an entire city, they’re independent thinkers who have the potential to achieve many great things. However, if they let their work consume them, they can run away from people and emotions which makes them seem aloof. Vlad rarely interacts with the citizens of his city, unless they’re vampires as well or he decides to drink their blood.

1 Pisces: Salim Benali

Salim Benali stands in CAS

Pisces are often known for having an artistic streak. They’re sensitive people who view the world around them in a different way from most people. Salim Benali certainly belongs among people who find art important as he’s a writer. What’s typical as well for Pisces is that they sometimes have the desire to escape reality. Salim loves gaming, so it’s safe to assume that escaping reality is something he enjoys.

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