X-Men Just Dropped a Dark ‘Old Man Logan’ Tease

Emma Frost’s interview for the upcoming Hellfire Gala just dropped a tease to her relationship with Doctor Doom in the Old Man Logan timeline.

Warning! Spoilers for the Hellfire Gala Guide #1 below!

As the highly-anticipated Hellfire Gala moves closer and closer to its premiere, the X-Men just dropped a subtle yet unmistakable hint to the Old Man Logan storyline. As one of the most beautiful, wealthy and powerful mutants in the world, it’s no surprise Emma Frost is interviewed about the upcoming mutant social gathering. But when she discusses the foreign and political dignitaries that have also been invited, she is asked about the invitation extended to the Latverian monarch, Victor von Doom. Her explanation suggest that despite Doom’s current wedding plans involving the Fantastic Four, Emma’s marriage to Victor could still be a strong possibility of becoming a reality in the future.

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In Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s iconic Wolverine story, James Howlett aka Logan struggles to survive and provide for his  family in a future ruled by Marvel’s villains following the defeat and death of Earth’s mightiest heroes. When he agrees to accompany Clint Barton on a mission across  America, the need to make money is complicated by all sorts of obstacles demonstrating how dark and desolate this world has become. While being pursued by a T-Rex controlled by the Venom symbiote, they are saved by the former Black Bolt, acting on the behalf of Logan’s former teammate Emma Frost. Teleporting the heroes to the Forbidden Quarters, they are greeted by Emma who appears to have not aged a day, offering them sanctuary, rest and repairs. Although grateful, she is met with hostility by Hawkeye who considers her a sellout regarding her marriage to Doctor Doom.

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The Hellfire Gala Guide #1  serves as an introduction to the upcoming 12-part X-Men event featuring interviews with characters as well as looks at the fashion more than sixty mutants will be wearing to the event, designed by Marvel artist Russell Dauterman. In Emma’s interview about the event, she explains that the Hellfire Gala is to help boost the world’s spirits following the traumatic King in Black, how it’s not just a publicity stunt, and addresses their eyebrow-raising guest lists. Among the usual dignitaries from around the world, the nation of Krakoa has invited some of its international critics, the Avengers and  Doctor Doom as well. “What can I say? I like a man in a mask,” Emma responds before continuing to elaborate more on the event and whatever other questions she is asked.

Emma’s focus on the political and business agenda of this cultural event brings to mind her justification of her marriage to Doctor Doom in Old Man Logan. While the Hellfire Gala is supposedly a celebration of mutant culture, it also seeks to  maintain their current alliances with other countries while extending their critics an olive branch for an alliance in the future. In Old Man Logan, Emma admits that her marriage helped to protect the dwindling mutant population, which suffered huge losses including the lack of new mutant births over time. Her factual explanation remains true to her name as it appears the union was more business than passion, with Emma using this position of power to do what she could to protect her people while the rest of the world burned. Considering Krakoa’s tense relationship with the world and the consequences rising out of the X-Men’s actions, this future seems just as possible as the future hinted at earlier during Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X storyline.

Although Emma survived the fate that befell the Old Man Logan timeline, another version of that story seen in Secret Wars revealed that Logan would cross paths with Emma again, this time on her deathbed. Dying from an attack by the Punishers, Emma finally shows her true face and says goodbye before dying. Although it would not be the last time Emma Frost would be seen dying, hopefully her comment regarding Doctor Doom’s attendance at the Hellfire Gala was more cheeky fun and less the X-Men hinting at a dark and depressing future for her and the Marvel universe.

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